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  1. Hi! My name is Beth and I just found this board. I have been a RN for 11 years and been working L&D for the past 8+ years. I have a son, who is 8. Hopefully I can get to know everyone.
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    Hi! Nice to meet you.
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    BEWARE! this board is addictive.
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    Welcome Beth, Iam Debbie, RN in OB/Newborn nursing for 7 years. I live in Washington State and have two kids, 12 and 5. I am a military wife too, within 2 years of retirement for dh! Nice to meet ya.
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    Glad To See You===nobody Ever Changes Gets Mind Changed No Matter How Logical The View(mine) They Keep Their Own #@&* Opinion
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    welcome to the site.
    I am currently in school and will be starting my clinical this fall. I want soooo badly to work in L&D once I graduate but am afriad they may not hire me because I will be a new grad. Hoping that employers will need me bad enough to see past my lack of experience and be will to train me. What's the likehood of this happening.
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    alejuandria good luck with your clinicals study all facets of nursing and apply before you graduate and be sure that hr person knows your preference
    if you have more than one hosp apply at them all if you have to to another field ask if you can be on a waiting list for nl---try a post surgery you may find good experience working with these pts
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    Welcome aBOARD Beth! You'll love it here. A wealth of advice and information!
    Love to hear some of your OB stories! There are alot of "nurse 2 be's" here.... including me!
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    Hi Beth. I am new here too. I have little experience- I worked 3 1/2 yrs at a nursing home then worked briefly on medical (2 months) before moving to peds for just under a year. I worked on l&d for 2 1/2 yrs. Presently working as community health nurse (6 months now).
    Just found this site by accident. Lots of interesting reading here. And yes, this site is addictive! LOL
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    welcome :hatparty:
    This is a great place to visit. we are happy you found us
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    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! *in a crazy sing-song voice*
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    Some L&Ds take new grads, some don't. Some want you to have med/surg first. I personally have never worked med/surg. I started as a new grad in icu. If you want to be in L&D, go to a big hospital. I originally oriented to L&D at a level III hospital. I usually had at least one delivery per shift. Right now I work at a very small LDRP unit. We do only 300 deliveries per year. It is very hard for our new people, especially new grads to get the labor experience needed to be independent. I worked 3 years in big hospitals before going to my little hospital. I could never imagine starting out here and feeling comfortable with labor.

    Good luck!