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I was talking with a friend who told me how angry she was with her nurse the whole time and that she wanted to hit her but after it was all done she thought she was the nicest thing. So has anyone... Read More

  1. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by shay
    Oh, okay....well, I didn't include my non-OB patients. I've had my hair pulled by a sweet little down's syndrome toddler once. It was my fault, though. I was holding her and she obviously liked my pony tail. :chuckle

    Your little pt could pull my hair any time!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welp in OB, I have rarely felt threatened, but I am smarter now than to allow em to grab my neck or arm/hand in the height of a powerful contraction. This is out of a sense of self-preservation, cause their strength can be superhuman when they are in that sort of pain and I don't want to end up injured.
  3. by   KaraLea
    I work in a State Psychiatric Hospital and we are trained to deal with agressive patients when we first start working here and have to go through the same class every year we work here. Never have had a problem yet though (I have been here almost 5months now), though there have been incidents with other staff on other units or on dayshift before I get here.
  4. by   shay
    Originally posted by researchrabbit


    Your little pt could pull my hair any time!
    :chuckle Yes, I know. I was like, 'awww, she can pull my pony tail if she wants to!! ' She was very sweet. Had a total thing for hair pulling, though. :chuckle
  5. by   Swiftee
    lol....the first thing I thought of when I saw this was when I was in labor with my son. I hadn't had my spinal yet and the nurse was letting me lean against her and rest my forehead on her arm. It was really brave of her now that I think about it, but she kept asking me questions because the hospital had lost my pre-registration forms. I was 7cm when I walked in, so I really didn't feel like reciting my address and medical history. I came thisclose to biting her arm. :imbar
  6. by   bagladyrn
    This is why I never wear the snap front scrub tops any more - have had more than one laboring mom grab a handful of material and yank, at which point I had no secrets left!
  7. by   oldgirl
    I really have a soft spot in my heart for the patients who SPIT at you. YUK! We have a frequent flyer who will do this if he doesn't get his way, or his requests satisfied "fast enough". Have had demented patients do it too.
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by shay

    :chuckle Yes, I know. I was like, 'awww, she can pull my pony tail if she wants to!! ' She was very sweet. Had a total thing for hair pulling, though. :chuckle

    the secret is out..shay likes to have her hair pulled.....
  9. by   shay
    Had my jaw broken by a 10 yr old in a MVA when I was helping out in the ER, lol kid just cold cocked me, and my glass jaw just shattered... Then I learned yes they can have the strength of 10 men easy, The child had no idea what was going on , it was a blunt head injury and it was just a reaction ... Needless to say I have a nice plate in my jaw with 3 screws and I dont work in ER anymore. The childs mother felt worse than I did, I woke up on the floor and the ER doc sent me for xrays, they say I hit the floor pretty hard, I bet I did lol
  11. by   Sarahstudent
    Nothing much that you could have done to prevent that.
  12. by   NurseDianne
    :roll :roll Hit, pinched, slapped, cussed, hair pulled, everything you can imagine! I try to be understanding and kind, but one thing stands out in my memory. And everytime I see this girl in the grocery store I cringe. It wasn't funny at the time, but now is totally laughable......
    The doc was running late (so what's new) and the baby was crowning. The bed was already broken down, everything was in place, I was standing at the foot of the bed, just ready to play catch. I wasn't even examining her, sterile gloves, etc.....had my hand down on her to keep her from tearing if possible........and......
    ugh......:imbar she clamped her knees on each side of my head....Hard! My ears were ringing and my face was just toooooooooooo close...... It took her husband and another nurse to get me out. I honestly felt like pinching her! But all went well. Doc made it in time, wonderful delivery, but for me........ugh to close for comfort..
  13. by   renerian
    Yes I was hit in the head by a confused patient with a telephone. Hurt like heck. I was instantly pissed......put his leathers back on LOL..........and filled out an incident report..................