Girl gives birth in chatroom,talking to me! - page 4

I had the most unusual thing happen to me this morning.:eek: I don't know if I did everything right, but I did the best that I could. It was about 6 am, I was on a parenting website, in a... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    Oh Ana! I'm sorry for the laugh at your expense. It ticks me off your goodness was taken advantage of. But we see so much sad stuff, we gotta laugh sometimes.
    Just think! In the 22nd Century, all births will be over the Internet!
  2. by   RN2007
    Well, I do not know... Personally, if someone was writing me in a chatroom or online, etc., since I am not a licensed nurse, dr. etc., I would rather them use their energies talking to someone experienced, therefore I would tell them to call 911 or give me their info and I would call 911 for them. Other than emotional support, I would let others tackle the medical end of this, because you never know, she may actually have a problem with the baby, and I do not want any part of this. However, if I connected her with 911, I feel I would have done my part. Also, a licensed nurse, etc., who does not have any experience delivering babies, very well could do damage in case there was some problem with the mother or the baby during the birth.

    So, I am as compassionate as the next person, but I would rather let the experts tackle with what they usually do. Also, I do not want any part of a lawsuit for giving the wrong advice, etc. etc.