Finally landed an interview!!!

  1. I am sooooo excited (and equally nervous lol) that I have finally landed an interview on the Postpartum/Mother-Baby unit I originally applied for 5 months ago. The position had been filled, but another opened up so I applied for it this past Friday and got a call this morning from the unit director asking me to come in Wednesday!
    I am unsure what type of interview it will be (behavioral, group, etc.), so that adds to my anxiety a bit... My last interview at this facility was just me and the director (very laid back), but that was a few years ago. I have my fingers crossed that it is the same way now.
    Just thought I would let everyone know and ask for any pointers anyone might have... i.e. questions I may be asked, questions I should ask, any sort of advice that would help me prepare would be highly appreciated!
    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   sparklie.lady
    I'm only a student, but wanted to say good luck!!!
  4. by   misschiatia
    Come in with a smile and direct eye contact. Come on time. Bring your enthusiasm and a strong desire to do a good job. Be honest, but focus on your positives: "No, i've never done that procedure before, but i would enjoy the opportunity to master that skill."

    The main thing yourself.

    Don't assume you have done something wrong if you are not immediately hired. Sometimes, there are political requirements that applicants do not know about that precludes them from getting the job. I once had a new grad apply for a position and all we had available was nights. She said she'd take it, but we couldn't in good conscience hire her for nights when we truly felt that a new grad needs the support of days or evenings(Maximum census is 67, night shift is generally only 2 nurses and what if they don't get along or one gets sick\calls in)

    But i'd hire her in a heartbeat if i had the spot. Next time i see her, if i can fit her in i will because she showed me " hey, i really want to do this job". Nursing is a small world. If you bring a good attitude with you everywhere you go, they will welcome you upon arrival and keep asking you to come back. Your job will find you
  5. by   twentytenRN
    Quote from McBx3
    questions I may be asked, questions I should ask, any sort of advice that would help me prepare
    First, congrats on getting an interview. Now you just have to walk in with a smile and confidence and sell yourself to the hiring manager. I assume if you're applying for OB, you're truly interested in this area and this should come across naturally during an interview. Managers like to see this. Don't just tell them "Because I like to hold and rock the babies." Most people do!! Really explain WHY you like this area! What is it? Do you like the ever-changing census, because you like to think on your feet for whatever comes in? The idea of caring for women and their new families and the unique challenges and opportunities to educate them and help transition them into this phase of life? Think about what makes you unique and qualified for this area.

    What questions could you be asked? Here are some I've been asked in OB interviews...

    Why OB? What about this area is appealing to you?

    What specific nursing skills do you feel you possess that would benefit you in OB?

    How do you manage your patient load/prioritize/manage your time?

    What is your weakness in nursing?

    Are you willing to cross-train to other areas? (PP, Nursery, L&D, etc...)

    Willing to work nights/weekends/holidays?

    Give me an example of a conflict you've had (either with a patient, physician or a manager) and how you dealt with it?

    How do you deal with loss?

    How do you manage your stress?

    There are no certainties that any or all of these questions will be asked, keep an open mind and be prepared to think of a response on your feet. If you need a second to think about your answer, just say so. Interviews shouldn't be them interrogating you, however it should be a nice conversation back and forth between you and them... them seeing what you offer and you seeing if this is a good fit for you.

    Questions I like to ask/good to ask...

    You should always have at least 3 questions in mind to ask them. If they ask you "Do you have any questions for me?" Your answer should always be "YES!"

    (I don't remember if you're a new grad)

    How long is the internship/orientation? Is there classroom instruction as well as clinical?

    What resources are available to me to help me transition into this role?

    Is continuing education offered? Encourged?

    How is the scheduling done? Self-scheduling? How far in advance?

    Are there mandatory on-call requirements? How much? How often?

    What is the charting like? Computer? Paper?

    What is your management style?

    What is the rapport of the staff with physicians?

    Why do you like working here?

    Good luck!
  6. by   Evalynn
    Congrats and good luck!
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  8. by   McBx3
    Thank you all for the luck (I'll take as much as I can get ), and thank you to misschiatia and twentytenRN for the wonderful suggestions! I will definitely jot down those questions to help prepare myself
    Thanks again everyone! I will let everyone know how it goes.
  9. by   50caliber
    Congratulations. Just make sure you prepare for this like anything else. Have your friend interview you or hook up with someone who has experience in interviewing people. Your almost there.

    Good luck.
  10. by   LoveANurse09
    good luck! keep us posted!
  11. by   anangelsmommy
    i am a student and doing a project on interviewing. If you do a search on here for interviewing questions and interviewing - anything you want to know- it will come up. This site has been a wealth of information! I actually used to work as a recruiter but not for nurses, I do recommend as many said here, be prepared to answer the top 10 or so questions, have a list of your stengths and weaknesses - but be brief with this and be able to turn it into an asset and try not to use perfectionist - it is over used. also prepare a 60 second answer to the question - tell me a little bit about yourself. And be natural, dont just give the answers you think they want to hear. Know your resume and yourself and you will do great- sell yourself- you know your best qualities- use them!
    best of luck!
    angels mommy
  12. by   prinsessa
    Just wanted to wish you lots of good luck!
  13. by   McBx3
    The interview went great this morning! I was basically told the job is mine, I just have to wait for HR to do their thing... I am SOOO excited!!
  14. by   twentytenRN
    Quote from McBx3
    The interview went great this morning! I was basically told the job is mine, I just have to wait for HR to do their thing... I am SOOO excited!!

    This is wonderful news! I hope we were able to give you the answers you needed to help you prepare for the interview! Glad to hear it went well and enjoy your new job!