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  1. Evalynn

    Is my supervisor trying to get me to quit?

    Thank you, ABQLNDRN! I really hope it works out for you, and I hope the best for your daughter too. It sounds like you have so much stress going on in your life! I'll send you good thoughts!!
  2. Evalynn

    Is my supervisor trying to get me to quit?

    As for your supervisor, do you really expect to always have your day off that you want? That doesn't always happen where I work, and I wouldn't presume the manipulation of the schedule is happening. And if you think it is, WHY NOT JUST ASK? Obviously, you've gone to them and asked to avoid AN. Do you know how annoying it is for a subordinate to ask to not work with someone? It's a lot of work on their part--and that's the darn truth. First, she asked not to work in the same area as AN, she doesn't care about the day. If that schedule manipulating is annoying to the supervisor, maybe she should try to remedy the situation instead of protecting AN. My two cents again... if you think something is happening behind your back, it probably is. No one wants to feel paranoid, but I'm the kind of person who gives people the benefit of the doubt until they just about literally stab me in the back because I don't want to come across as paranoid. That back fired for me. I realized through experience that some people really will do nasty things to you - like deliberatly give you a bummer of a schedule - just to passively aggressively make you miserable because they see you as a threat (alpha female types do this to get/stay on top). What I learned also doesn't help the situation (or didn't for me), is directly calling someone out like "Are you deliberatly manipulating my schedule?" That makes the person go on the defensive. And come on, if someone is that passive aggressive to make you work on all the days you want to have off, do you really think they'll say, "Well, actually, yes, I WAS doing that just to make you miserable." The best thing to do is to quietly observe what's going around you, like you have been doing, gather evidence in case there's a blow out and develop unemotional solutions to direct problems. Maybe you could find someone who will cover the shift you need, and you could agree to cover one of theirs in the future... then go to your supervisor and say, "Hey, I noticed you scheduled me for this day, but I really can't work it. However ___ agreed to work it for me, and I'm taking this shift for them." If you can pull it off, that would fix the situation without turning it into a confrontation. If you're not sure that you can convince someone to do it because you feel like people are against you, keep your ears open for someone who needs a quick shift cover, and then get in writing from them that they will cover your shift in the future in exchange for you covering there's (get this AS SOON AS YOU CAN if someone is calling in sick and can't give it to you before you work their shift). It is really awkward to ask for this, but if they aren't your buddy, they may back out of it, and then you have the letter (and put it in a safe place, give a copy to your supervisor). Yes, had experience with this also, with someone who I thought was my buddy, and at my supervisor's demand had to get it in writing - it saved my butt because this coworker told my boss that I never told her I was taking off a certain day - and she tried to hide the letter too!! I asked for the day off months in advance, so when the day rolled around, my boss had forgotten about it, so luckily, the letter with my "buddy's" signature refreshed her memory. I guess just think of it like a game where you're trying to out smart people and try not to be mad (or vent to some close nonwork friends/family to get it out, and then try to be done with it - don't feed off your own anger and make it worse). If you're mad, you won't be clear headed, and you'll be quick to anger if someone provokes you which will make you lose credibility - even if you have a huge right to be mad. And find a job with nice people, and in the mean time, hang out with nice people outside of work so you don't lose your faith/love for your fellow human beings. :)
  3. Evalynn

    Is my supervisor trying to get me to quit?

    Thank you, Evalynn. Great advice. You are so spot-on with a lot of the things you said. Unfortunately, word has already gotten out that I have been looking for a new job...some people know. It stinks that I feel like I have to look for other employment because I really love where I work for so many reasons. It's a great place to be. I am so sad about this whole situation. I hate dreading going to work at this point. My general goal in any workplace that I am in is to promote workplace harmony by helping others and working as a team. Seriously. Through ALL of this I have looked after AN's patients, even when she doesn't ask me to do so. It stinks. I hate all of this and want it to just go away. I know how you feel! I hate that feeling of dreading to go into work. Keep yourself as busy as you can, and keep looking for that new job, but try not to let people know exactly where you're looking so that they don't get involved. And live for your time off. It also helped me to get a hobby outside of work... like some type of lesson or class (if you're interested in yoga, that might be a good pick because it is super relaxing). That's probably hard for you as a mom, but if you can do it, that's another thing that helped me. And I know you said you really like your job... I feel for you there too. I loved my place of employment that I left, but I ended up on a path that is leading me to bigger and better things. Just remember that there isn't only one great place to work - there are other great places out there, you just have to find them. Utlimately, for me, even though I loved my job, I realized that feeling of dread was so unhealthy. You're a nurse, so I'm sure you know that being under constant stress like that is really bad for you. Get those cortisol levels back down and find some happiness.
  4. Evalynn

    Is my supervisor trying to get me to quit?

    I've worked in envrionments where I've had hostile coworkers too, not as a nurse (yet.... hoping that it doesn't happen), but they were wretched experiences. Sadly, the worst ones were by jealous/territorial women. The men seemed to just jump on board with the loudest, "alpha" female (which is not me, I am a nonconfrontational person). I can tell you some pearls of wisdom I learned first off, and what others shared with me (the people I loved who I vented to). Frankly, the only thing that I felt worked in every situation was leaving the place of employment, or lucking out when the problem employee left. This is referring to the experiences I had where an incompetent manager was in place. I have had an experience (yes, sadly, 1) where I had a good manager who took care of the situation. Rarely ever are people given manager training (and let's be honest - does training even help?), and it seems like most people aren't cut out to be managers. The other aspect that helped is that I am an extremely hard worker. On bad days, just remind yourself to do the absolute best you can do, and if they don't see what a fantastic employee you are (and usually they do notice, esp over time), then that is their loss. I have worked several jobs, and the ones that had the great people to work with were my favorite jobs... not necessarily because of the work I was doing, but because of the fantastic people who were there. The people make all the difference (and I have worked with some AMAZING people!!). If I were you, I would stick with it if you can, try to make the situation better if you can, and quietly make other arrangements on your own to find another job during this process. There's no harm in looking, right? When you find one, especially a "dream job," leave. I found when I was in rough situations with coworkers, having a backup plan and looking for new, exciting opportunities made me less stressed at work, and better able to keep my chin up. Having the chance to find a better work envrionment also helped me to keep my emotions outside of work. I don't know about you, but I was feeling trapped and cornered for a while, and it really hurt my feelings that people who smiled to my face were deceiving me and stabbing me in the back. Taking control of the situation by planning my "escape" really helped me out and took the emotions out of things so to speak. If things get better, great you can stay if you want to, and if they don't, you have a new future to look forward to. And oh yeah, if you do look for a new job, I would totally evaluate the place with your critical eye, and watch out for red flags, like someone who exhibits AN's swearing. You don't want to end up in the same boat with someone who has a poor work attitude. I will drop curse words, but not at a client directed place of employment. That's just so unprofessional. In my experience, those kinds of people are usually unhappy and really don't give a hoot about following rules, and so make pretty bad coworkers. At another job I worked at, there was a similar employee with a bad mouth. Although he was mostly friendly to other coworkers, he was not to clients, and he finally got fired for coming to work stoned. Great work ethic! And I have never found a good way to vent at work about people at work. A good buddy, family member, or significant other is a great person to vent to - someone who isn't tied to work, so your venting won't make it back to the people you work with. Even if you're right, venting will still tick off a guilty party and make the conflict worse. Someone who you trust may also give you more insight on how to handle people at work, but bottom line, you should probably trust your instincts because you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and can think things through AND you are the one in the situation, so you have the best picture of what's going on. Just my 2 cents, hope everything works out!
  5. There are a lot of frivolous lawsuits that shouldn't happen, but I think health care professionals need to be held accountable too. My family lost a loved one due to horrendous neglect from health care professionals. That's actually the reason why I'm becoming a nurse... to gain knowledge to protect the people I love, and to hopefully give the kind of care to other people that my loved one did not receive. There is a lot more protection for the professionals (hospitals, insurance), than the patients. Health care professionals shouldn't be punished for known complications that may arise during care assuming they disclose said risks to patients, but they shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine if they are repeatedly negligent or incompetent. At the end of the day, it shouldn't be about lawsuits, but about protecting people and increasing the quality of care. Isn't that why people get into medicine in the first place, to help people and take care of them?
  6. Evalynn

    The DNP and what it means for the APN

    I have heard that nurse practitioners will need doctorates now to practice as well, although I am here because I want to make sure it's true. It's interesting to me if it turns out to be true because I think this will create a shortage of nurse practitioners at a time when we need them most - in 2014, everyone will have health care and there will be a huge shortage of primary care providers. Also interested in the fact that PAs are pretty similar to NPs; will they now require a doctorate level degree? I am thinking probably not, which makes me think that being a PA might be more appealing now. I am starting my BSN this fall and it was my desire to eventually get a doctorate anyway because I love research, but I was counting on being satisfied with a master's level education if life and a family got in the way of more schooling. That being said - I've noticed that there are SO many doctorate programs out there, and it seems if there is a new standard for NPs, it should be as universal as possible - and clinically focused. Is this in the making?
  7. Evalynn

    UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    Yeah trailerparkmedic, that's a good point. I did check out a few popular nursing textbooks with mosby, and then searched them on amazon - and I couldn't find any that were in ebook form for the kindle - let alone the ipad. Looks like I'll just rely on the old fashioned method... Thanks for the advice!!!
  8. Evalynn

    UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    Thanks Amomin for the advice! I am mostly thinking of a study aid... do you study inbetween classes with textbooks? I will have to commute, so if I've got a couple hours to kill inbetween classes, I'm hoping to study so that I can have as much family time as possible outside of class hours. I had heard of people studying off of PDAs, but I feel like it's probably a more clinical tool, like you're saying... and I'm thinking of something for help with notes/textbooks. Sounds like Mac products work at UT though... which is great to hear. Maybe an ipad is the way to go... just wish it was cheaper!
  9. Evalynn

    UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into options for storing my textbooks on something electronic so that I don't have to drag a million textbooks around on campus. I've heard of people buying PDAs with pharmacology software (for example) - but that doesn't seem that great compared to an ebook reader or something like that (PDAs have small screens, not in color, no pictures, etc).... I was thinking about an ipad, but it's expensive and I'm worried about apple compatability issues since UT recommends not using apple stuff. What do you guys think? Have any tips? Know of any products (especially current nursing students who have posted on here before...)? Thanks!!!
  10. Evalynn

    UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    This info helps me out... my husband and are are hoping to move closer to the medical center. I currently work there, but commute from NASA area... and I'm so excited to be done with driving a long commute! :) I haven't joined the FB group yet... so definitely keep me in the loop about meeting up in Rice Village the night before orientation. They have some great places there. Two Rows is yummy and they brew their own beer! Excited to meet you guys and start school!!! :hpygrp:
  11. Evalynn

    UT Houston Fall 2010 (University of Texas at Houston)

    I am all about this!! I got my email acceptance to the pace setters program yesterday!!! If you guys want to meet up - maybe happy hour the night before orientation or something? We can make some buddies and hopefully be that much stronger during the school year! Yay, congrats everyone!!:beer:
  12. Evalynn


    Not sure if this helps... but you could try googling "human engineering." I think it's a relatively new field where people try to make health care more efficient.
  13. Evalynn

    UT Houston Generic BSN applicants Fall 2010

    Had my interview today...so relieved it's over! Just got back from celebrating (I'm just happy I made it this far and I didn't pass out from fear). :w00t: Good luck to the rest of you guys left to interview!
  14. While I am not a nurse (I am a hoping to become one though!), I work in the medical field, specifically in geriatrics. I have heard doctors and nurses complain of negligent caregivers/home health aides, so it's definitely something to worry about! It sounds like your daughter is mentally intact, so she should be able to provide you with feedback about her care. I would continually ask her for her opinion on her care, as well as her take on whether she is being treated fairly, probably on a daily basis for a while. I'm sure that most caregivers out there are great, but when it comes to your child, you want to be sure you're leaving them in the best hands! God Bless, hope she makes a full recovery and you find a great person to help out!
  15. Evalynn

    Pregnant in Nursing School....

    Amazing story!
  16. Evalynn

    Thank You On Behalf Of The General Public

    What a great note!