Delivered a baby last night with Vesicular lesions all over body. - page 2

The link below has a picture I found on the web of exactly what it looked like. The mother denies ever having herpes. A full work-up was done on the baby and baby is in contact isolation. According... Read More

  1. by   crissrn27
    Hey Jen, do you know yet what this was?
  2. by   Sabby_NC
    i have never seen anything like this. i pray the bubs will not have such a horrid illness and that it may be the chicken pox.
    i did enjoy reading the link that middlekane put up and will have a read of the condition that steve suggested.
    blows my mind what can happen to the human body!
  3. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from crissrn27
    Hey Jen, do you know yet what this was?
    Not yet. I'll be going to work tonight though. Maybe they'll know then. Thanks everyone for your posts.
  4. by   Belinda-wales
    For what it is worth the last babe I saw like this had chicken pox so fingers crossed.
  5. by   jenrninmi
    Well, ended up by the time I went back to work a few days later, baby went home with parents. I have no idea what was actually wrong. Thanks everyone.
  6. by   meyun06
    Quote from TrudyRN
    Dear God, is the poor babe in pain? I did not know that herpes could infect fetuses. I guess I thought they picked it up during vaginal delivery.

    I thought the same thing
  7. by   BittyBabyGrower
    It could also be a case of ichthyosis, there are several different types and there is one that has blisters that break and peel. It could also be one of many types of viral things, including herpes, I've seen a few kids with herpes lesions like that.

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