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It seems that our lactation nurses and the nursery nurses are at odds with each other. Many of the nursery nurses feel that a baby must eat Q 3- 4 or they will starve. Lactation takes the view (which... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I agree w/the others; get lactation consultants and peds in on this. This policy has no value in normal,healthy newborns w/o complications. Don't back down; this is sabotaging the breastfeeding efforts of moms in a needless manner.
  2. by   deespoohbear
    Against the parent's wishes?? OMG! I, for one would not want to be on the receiving end of some Mom's fury because of stupid, lame-brained policy. Most Moms can get pretty nasty when it comes to messing with their kids. (Speaking from personal experience! ). Maybe the original poster could let this "leak" out to the people. If the name of the facility got out to the breastfeeding adovacates, I bet the policy would be changed in a heartbeat. I don't even work OB-GYN, but I know our lact consultant would have a coronary over this policy. So much sh*t would be flying, you would need a backhole to clean it all up!! Stand up for your patients and fight for their rights and their babies rights!! Keep us posted...
  3. by   keeper
    Not a nurse, but a nursing mom.....this is why I homebirth. Even though most hospitals aren't run by idiots, I just can't take the chance of there being some insane policy like this one that flies in the face of solid research.

    What about a patient's right to refuse all medical procedures? I would assume that given that legal right, and the legal right of a parent to refuse procedures for her child, that the words "regardless of the mother's wishes" cross the line into illegal territory.

    My first baby, born at home, had trouble learning to nurse. He got a little here and there, but it wasn't until day two that he finally got a full feeding...but he fed just fine from there and 12 days after birth, he had regained his birthweight plus 8 ounces. I credit lots of support from my midwife and Bradley instructor and knowing that giving him a bottle would only make the problem worse.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    oh boy here we goooooooo......................................... ............let's keep this clean if it gets ugly now.
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    oh boy here we goooooooo......................................... ............
  6. by   emily_mom
    I'd be pissed if someone gave my baby a bottle against my wishes. And that's all I'm gonna say b/c I see it's getting a little testy in here and I'm bailing out...(did someone say test? crap, i gotta go...feel the "ain't studying for finals guilt setting in)

  7. by   babynurselsa
    Do they have any facts to back up this decision?!?!?!?! I think not.
    We have individuals at our Nursery that have that mindset. But, they are morons who are not especially pro-breastfeeding. It is very normal for a breastfed infant to not nurse well in the first 24 hours. THEY ARE TIRED! If you had just had your head nearly squeezed off you might want a little rest too!!!!!.
    collect your own research to show that this is fine for these babies to eat on demand. Your hospital Library can do an article search for you, or check out Le LEche, they have a web site.
  8. by   imenid37
    i'd hate to see administration's face when one of these moms gets to them and for sure they will. this is lunacy!!! i get concerned if baby has not eaten for 10-12 hrs., i know they can go w/o for 1st 24 and usually be o.k..

    i'd never give a baby a bottle aginst mom's wishes, unless it was life/death hypoglycemia. you must have some of those nursery nurses of old from the badilax(?) days when i had my kids. the ones who turned all the bright lights on and woke up my bottlefeeding room-mate, when they brought my breast-feeding baby in, w/ the the familiar..."you're child is hungry AGAIN, wake up mrs.___! perhaps you should give a bottle, it's only been 3 hrs(doesn't sound too bad for breastfed baby)!" i tried to joke and say maybe she just missed me and the one mean nurse, told me "she doesn't have a good temperament."

    actually, i do what i do because as a cardiac nurse at the time, i knew i could do a better job than these meanies! it really is a sin when we're supposed to be here to help people along in a joyful moment and we ruin it for them.
  9. by   canoehead
    "she doesn't have a good temperament"

    Really. She just went through hours of labor, got shot out into a cold bright world, someone stuck needles in her, and all she wants is to be cuddled a little. Who could blame the poor thing. Sheesh.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    exactly, lisa, i see all the time---- infants who don't nurse well for 24 hours or so...they are sleepy and have energy reserves leftover from mom.....i tell my families all this and not to worry...

    now, here is where i stand against early discharge unless they have GOOD, thorough followup and support at home.........we need to see these couplets breastfeeding well, or at least help them along the way. not always possible in just 24 hours' time......
  11. by   vashka25
    Oy.... we'd be thrown out of the hospital if we put formula or even a plastic nipple in the mouth of a babe without consent from the mother first. I can't tell you as a student how many cup feedings I do, or how many mom's I do S&S on with pumped breast milk if need be...or finger feeding....anything to make sure that babe is feeding well and to avoid bottle-feeding unless absolutely necessary. And like most hospitals up here, the Mom may be d/c after 24-48 hrs... but the Pedi's wont let the baby leave the hospital until they are satisfied that proper feeding is established first...(breast or bottle). (*pardon my inexperience as I'm only a student*)

    Oy what a row this will create when I bring it up in conference on Sat....
  12. by   semstr
    that would mean instant kick-out here!
    that is something we did 25-30 years ago!
    No healthy newborn will dry out in the first 24 hours after birth!

    No bottle in the mouth of a newborn when mum doesn't want it.
    When baby needs (very seldom) fluids, we give H2O on a spoon, never formulas!
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    Well, it is ONE quick way to determine who has a formula intolerance. And for the cardiac nurse above who thinks maternity nurses are mean, we are TOLD to bring babies out and they are SUPPOSED to come out ever 2 to 3 hours....Course, there is a nicer way to bring the baby in, I agree....I was a cardiac nurse too and I have to tell you that this is the scariest place I have ever worked.....One 12 hour labor gives you an energy expenditure of up to two marathons. And that is BEFORE you get to pushing... Hmmm.........