Birth Control Patch Warning

  1. Ortho McNeil maker of Ortho Evra
    has finally warned the public
    it's patch exposes women to
    60% more estrogen and greater risks than a typical BC pill

    I say finally because we have known since August
    the patch is more risky than the pill
    causing three times the risk of blood clots and death

    I also say finally because of a 2003 internal company memo
    shows the company refused to fund a comparison study
    between patch and pill
    because there was too high of a chance the study
    might not prove a positive result for the patch.

    profits over people
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  3. by   NICU_nurse2b
    That is a shame. I'm currently using the patch. I like the ease of it. I had such a hard time remembering to take my pill everyday and at the same time. The last couple of weeks I've been having bad headaches and then I saw the news last night. I guess I will be going back to the pill. I've tried the ring did not have a good experence with that. I really liked the shot (the one you get every month, not every three months) but my insurance won't pay for it.
  4. by   babynursewannab
    I just had to chime in here.

    On December 23rd, we will be celebrating the 2nd birthday of my beautiful daughter who was conceived while I was on the birth "enhancement" patch. I, personally, know of 13 other beautiful children who made it into the world more easily thanks to this method!!!:chuckle

    Clot risks....yet another reason to run...
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would love a link to the story, if possible. Thank you.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Never mind I see it is being discussed at the Current Events thread, where there is a link.
  7. by   maureeno
    current events
    where I learned how to type and use the internet

    here is a link for those who do not go to current events

    two big problems with this announcement:
    1. womens' lives have been endangered because a company suspected and so therefore avoided earlier research to protect its' profits
    2. this is our system, not out of the ordinary. companies pick and fund research.

    profits over people
  8. by   toadie
    i work in a vascular icu. three weeks ago we admitted a 23 year old female, she had a blood clot in her leg only three inches away from where she wore her birth control patch:uhoh21: :uhoh21:
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    I'm an ex-patch user. My OBGYN decided to try me on Yasmin and it went great.

    This is such a shame though.
  10. by   nurse4theplanet
    well I was planning on starting the patch when my husband comes home this month...glad i read this thread!

    any bad news about seasonale that i may have missed. Can't take the depo shot it screws up my emotional balance toooooooooo much
  11. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Quote from Future_RN_Jess
    I'm an ex-patch user. My OBGYN decided to try me on Yasmin and it went great.

    This is such a shame though. of today. Luckily I was on my week off when the announcement was made. Actually, my husband woke me up after the late news to tell me that there was something wrong with my birth control. I asked him more about what they said on the news this morning. He was like "I don't know its just bad or something." (this is the same guy that I had to show how to correctly use a prophylactic because he grew up in an extremely conservative home...)
  12. by   INFJ
    I'm so glad that this warning is already posted. I had my L & D clinical yesterday and the nurses were telling us to tell all of our friends who are on it, because evidently, very young women are throwing PEs and dying! That's craziness....this is going to be a huge scandal!
  13. by   hittme123
    sorry what is PEs? I'm on the patch, my week off is next week, i'm gonna get to the doctor for something different...
  14. by   Nathalie
    Ok this is just great. My week off is this week. Im supposed to put another patch on tomorrow(sunday) and im not sure if I want to. See, I have heard these accusations before by other companies, but NEVER from the manufacturer itself so this changes everything. My fiance is like dont put that back on your body. Your life s more important than anything else. The advantage to me of being on the patch is that my period was extremely irregular when I was not on it. Im pretty sure I wont put another patch in this week but I heard that it wasnt good to just STOP!!!! So im going to call him on monday and ask ir just go ask my neighbor who is an OBGYN. I hope he'll tell me. I guess we are going to go back on the good ol' fashion of birth control! nice little condoms!!!! ewwww Well this really sucks. When I told my mom she says to me "well abstinence" works pretty good:chuckle Well Im sure my gyno will get lots of calls on monday about this. The same doctor who last year told me that it was safer to be on birth control than to give birth. Oh well I just wanna get off of it now.