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i had my interview for the program on tuesday july 14th!!! did anyone else interview the same day? i met with (moderator edit) and two others. i think one was (moderator edit) and the other woman was from beaumont. the asked me alot of basic questions about why i wanted to become an nurse and how i would handle ethical situations. i got so wrapped up in the discussion i did not ask exactly how the beaumont cohort program works. does anyone know? i do know they said something about beaumont interviewing you for clinical positions. any help would be appreciated


Yes, I emailed the director and she said that NRS281 would be available for me to take next semester even though I'm not starting until the fall of 2010, and those are the students they consider for moving up first. I think that's completely unfair seeing as many of us trying to get into this program are doing all we can in the months leading up to save money and such. Most of us, having already had careers, are working full time with families. It just isn't a fair way, in my opinion, to select students to move up.

Ok that is the pilot program. It eases the load for the first semester.

The riverview cohort is always in May. They may offer more there in the near term but right now its the pilot and the May cohort that attends Riverview. The other two cohorts are at Macomb community college on Hall Rd.

I do not know if there is space or not. I was in the last one and took a semester off and now start in Jan...All the cohorts have the first semester at riverview because that is where the lab is. It is a really neat lab too!

I just emailed the director about moving and she said by Fall of 2010 they are trying to move all of the cohort classes for all cohorts for 2nd degree to Riverview, but expect for certain by the Winter 2010 cohort that everything will be conducted at Riverview.

She said the same about the first semester for sure being at Riverview. So, I feel better now. I guess I can manage driving 1 hour each way for 2 semesters if necessary.

Does anyone know the minimum gpa required that they are excepting into the program right now? I have a 3.6 with all A's and one B and participated in the interview and did not get accepted. I was wondering if I should retake the class with a B to raise my gpa? Or should I just reapply with the same grades?


Did they give you any indication why you were not accepted? Did they mention grades?

Also, are they still doing the rolling admissions or is it, you are in or you are out?

I thought that if you didn't make the current program, they would put you in the next one. Your GPA sounds

pretty good. I wonder if you can get some feedback so you would know if it was the GPA or something else.

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