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i had my interview for the program on tuesday july 14th!!! did anyone else interview the same day? i met with (moderator edit) and two others. i think one was (moderator edit) and the other woman was from beaumont. the asked me alot of basic questions about why i wanted to become an nurse and how i would handle ethical situations. i got so wrapped up in the discussion i did not ask exactly how the beaumont cohort program works. does anyone know? i do know they said something about beaumont interviewing you for clinical positions. any help would be appreciated

I received the acceptance email on 9/3.

I have Pharm online as well. I emailed the teacher and he didn't really answer my question. I asked if it would affect the class, and he just said he was aware of the strike. Nothing more was said.

Pharm is the first prereq I'm worried about not getting an A in. I think once we have to start keeping all the drugs straight it's going to be quite overwhelming.


I received my acceptance to the OU Program too for Fall 2010! I waited to sign up for the nursing classes and have all three this Fall. How are you preparing for the quizzes for patho and pharm? I can not get any answers from the professors either. They both said to read the syllabus which of course, I did, or refer to Moodle. I am newer to online courses and did well in Developmental Psychology online but this seems like a lot of info to understand without the help of a professor in front of you for the lectures. I hope this doesn't ruin my GPA.


Yeah, it's a ton of info. I was able to use the book pretty easily for Patho but it won't be that way for Pharm. I'm going to learn the drugs by heart and hope I can critically think well enough to get the questions right. I was told by the professor the questions will all be 'application' style so you have to know what you are talking about. He wont' ask a fact about a drug or something easy like that.


I just took the first quiz for patho and got two wrong :cry:. It is pretty straightforward now that I took the first test. I am nervous about pharmacology....Am I allowed to ask which professor you have?


i have (moderator edit) online.

i am pretty anxious about the first pharm test. i just want to be sure i know what i'm doing. pharm is very important anyways for me because i intend to go on and be a nurse anesthetist after this program completes. so, better to learn my study habits now than later.

edit: what i'm a little annoyed about is the instructor for pharm has not given any suggestions on how to study pharm in general, he just listed the same general study habit crap that they list in all syllabi. not good enough. because there is so much information in this subject, he really should have given more guidance. i might drop an email to him about this.

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So, perhaps someone that has already been through the 2nd career accelerated nursing program at OU can answer this:

So, now that I'm getting into the program in 2010 in the fall, it's a Beaumont cohort. So, where will the cohort be held? Are the classes at OU and the clinicals at Beaumont? Or are the classes and clinicals all at Beaumont? Are there different Beaumont locations?

I'm curious and don't want to wait for my questions to get answered in 2 months when I receive information from OU about the next steps.

Firehawk..your classes will be at Macomb Community college on Hall and garfield and your clinicals will be at Beaumont. If you get moved up (and you might) you would be at the riverview cohort and clinicals at St Johns which is much closer to where you are! Hope that helps

Thank you very much Lisa. How can I get moved up? Do I need to request it, or do they call you or notify you that you have an option to move up?

Also, where would the classes be for the riverview cohort? The only riverview I know if is the one out by me, Riverview, Downriver Area.


I just need to know where the classes for the riverview cohort are held. I emailed the director about getting moved up, although I didnt like the response of having to take NRS281. That's not fair to me when many people are trying to work a lot of hours so they can quit for a year to start the program. Doesn't seem fair the only way you can move up is to take that clinical and get selected from that.

Wait --huh?

Take 281? That is a class in the first semester?

To answer your ? they will call you if your gpa is high and a spot becomes available. You do want to make sure they know you are interested.

The Riverview campus is right across from Belle Islise and that is a ton closer to where you are then Macomb.

Macomb college is at hall road and garfield and that would take you sooo long to get there. The thing that is kindof cool for you tho is that the first semester is usually at riverview because that is where the lab is. It is a very intest 8 weeks for sure!!!

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I was excited to read that the Riverview cohort location is right across from Belle Isle. How often is a Riverview cohort offered? And is there space for the next offering?

Thanks in advance!

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