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i had my interview for the program on tuesday july 14th!!! did anyone else interview the same day? i met with (moderator edit) and two others. i think one was (moderator edit) and the other woman was from beaumont. the asked me alot of basic questions about why i wanted to become an nurse and how i would handle ethical situations. i got so wrapped up in the discussion i did not ask exactly how the beaumont cohort program works. does anyone know? i do know they said something about beaumont interviewing you for clinical positions. any help would be appreciated


I have already taken the nutrition and patho classes, and am looking to take pharmacology this fall. I am already registered for the online version. Yes, I went ahead of schedule assuming I would get accepted into the program.


I was thinking of doing the same thing because classes start in 2 weeks so I wanted to get a spot...

Well you can always cancel the class if you don't get into the program or something. You'll probably find out right around then...

Yeah thats true! I dont want to think that I wont be accepted..lol, but I know thats reality!

Im getting nervous :heartbeat

Anyone hear anything yet?

I finally heard back the good news today! I thought we'd have to wait longer because of the strike....

I didnt get in! :(

sorry to hear that. can you reapply? did they say why or offer any advice on what you can do to help yourself get in?

Nope no feedback...can reapply in 6 months...I knew from my interview I wasnt getting in...Rather disheartening...oh well I shall press onward

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Does anyone know if the professor strike at OU has affected the nursing department?

i hope not...but I'm not sure. Although I'm taking pharm and patho online and they seem to be going smoothly. I'm guessing the nursing department is still going....but I haven't really heard from anyone else, so who knows.

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