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i had my interview for the program on tuesday july 14th!!! did anyone else interview the same day? i met with (moderator edit) and two others. i think one was (moderator edit) and the other woman was from beaumont. the asked me alot of basic questions about why i wanted to become an nurse and how i would handle ethical situations. i got so wrapped up in the discussion i did not ask exactly how the beaumont cohort program works. does anyone know? i do know they said something about beaumont interviewing you for clinical positions. any help would be appreciated


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Congrats on your interview. I have mine on the 28th. I am excited to get in there and talk to them. So they asked you ethical situation questions eh? Did it make you nervous in that you wanted to answer in the best way possible or were they pretty straight forward questions? I hate those "no wrong answer" questions...


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Yes, about what if family members were yelling at you because they felt you were'nt taking care of your sick mother enough or something like that.

I just read through your pm not too long ago. Thanks very much for the insight. I don't really know what can be done to prepare. I mean, if they ask me the same questions, I guess I'll have some kind of answer ready for them but how do you really prepare for an interview like this? If they ask me how I prepared, I will tell them I wanted to make sure I came here looking nice and have an open mind, as well as find out what this program offers me. I mean, otherwise, how can you really prepare? And, why would you want to come up with answers to hypothetical questions? Just answer from the heart. If they don't like you, then they can shove it, and you go somewhere else.

You have to remember, academia is as much a business as anything.


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looks like we all had the same questions posed to us. i spoke to (moderator edit) and she told me the last interview would be on august 18th. she also told me if you were not working 60 days before starting the program you would be eligible for no worker left behind which could translate to 10k tward tuition. does anyone else have any ideas on how to fund the rest of the cost. i know you can take out a loan but are there any other programs out there to help fund this?


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Congrats on your interview!! I am currently trying to finish my pre-req's and hope to apply for the program in May! I have already taken a CNA training course through the red cross and am studying for the state exam. I really need to gain some medical work experience... anyone know of hospitals/clinics/doctor's offices hiring??


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Yes, you are right people who interview do read posts.

I can't believe you folks are telling all the interviewee's after your interview the essay question, questions...do you understand this is a competitive program?

They are interviewing over 100 and letting in 55. You just decreased your chances and other's who interviewed before August, 4th 2009.

We REALLY do NOT appreciate this.

Talk about ethics...this is cheating.


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I was just a little surprised how much people give away, considering interviews for Fall 2010 cohort is not over yet. You need to understand as well as others on this board the interviews go until Aug 25 2009.

It is not wise to let others know the essay question, and the other questions discussed at the interview. It would be different if it was after Aug. 25th and people wanted to compare questions and answers.

In my opinion this is not helping others, in fact this is unethical.


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Has anyone found out if they got into the program yet?


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No I havent heard anything as of yet


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I'm still waiting to hear...


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Anyone register for any of the 3 classes this fall thats needed before the start of the program (patho, pharm & nutrition for nurses)?


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So, did everyone get told that they did a good job after the interview? Most of the people I have spoke to said that is what the interviewers told them. However, I did hear that they told some people they are not cut out for nursing?

Does anyone know what happens if you don't get into Beaumont? Did you get slotted for the next cohort?

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