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I just need some insight from all of you...I am planning to apply for nursing at NVCC for fall 2016. I have finished all my prerequisites and general requirement with the gpa of 3.7 but my teas score is on the lower side. I still have two chances to take it again but the student services have told me that since I passed I can't take it again. Is it true? If I were to take it again, will the nursing team take my highest score for consideration? Any help will be appreciated! 😊

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I'm not sure how we would know the answers to your questions. If student services at NVCC (whatever that is) gives you an answer, I would think that would be far more accurate than anything you find on an internet forum.


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Yes, you would think that but then I am getting different answers that's the frustrating part! Are you planning to apply to NVCC or you were a student before?

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No, I don't even know what NVCC is.

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Your thread has been moved to our Nursing Programs forum. Good luck to you!


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Do you mean NVCC as in Northern Virginia Community College? If so, I'm planning on applying for Fall 2016 also! How did taking the TEAS go? Was it hard in your opinion? By the way, to answer your question regarding retaking the TEAS: yes, it is true. You cannot retake it again if you scored 50% or higher on each section as their requirements state.


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I am also planning on applying for Fall 2016. Hopefully they release the apps soon.


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When you sent your application did they send you an email confirmation that they received you paperwork?


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No, I didn't get any confirmation email! :( but that why I called them and they said after the application period ends then you should be getting an email...hope this make sense.


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I'm surprised to see the comments on here... I took the TEAS a total of 2 times this year. The first time I passed all three sections and re-took it because they take your most recent score .. not the highest... Also, I contacted student services about this and they were the one's who told me this... I didn't get a confirmation email either and I sent it in a week ago... ahhh


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I was told by a Career Counselor at the MEC that they will only accept the first TEAS score. Maybe if it was taken elsewhere, the second would be considered (?). She told me that the GPA was really the only thing that made a difference. Previous degrees, veteran status, and TEAS test scores (only pass is necessary) were NOT taken into consideration when making the decision. Hoping for an acceptance letter!


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I apply for the Fall 2016 Traditional Nursing Track. I haven't received a confirmation email. Have you guys received anything? I passed my TEAS with good number but GPA is 2.9 since I failed Calculus twice but my Science course are all A's... I am kinda scared now.. My certified mail say it was delivered...