Nursing Student makes a very stupid decision and recieved a DUI...advice...?


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Lotus, what was your outcome? Did you talk to the Nursing Advisor? I sure wish you luck.


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Hey just thought I'd add my 2 cents... I received an OWI in 2006, right before I was to start the nursing program. The school ran background checks, as have all of my employers, and I have yet to be an issue. If anyone has asked, I just answer them honestly about the situation. The OWI did not pose any problems with school/clinical sites, and has not affected my ability to get/keep a job. It also did not affect the licensing process. For the record, I am currently employed in an AODA treatment facility, and my employers are aware that I have the OWI.


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To all of the posters who replied and insinuated that she had a problem..SHAME ON YOU! made a mistake. It happens to ALL of us and all you can do is be honest about it. Tell your instructors and I don't think it will hinder you from continuing in the program. As for getting your license and a job, there are plenty of RN's who have had DUI's, and without any aggrevating circumstances, you will be fine. Don't beat yourself up about it. Good Luck!


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angRN, where do you live? I think it is different in every state. CA is very strict. What is an OWI?

Nevertheless, it gives me hope that my case may not affect... but I am yet to see that.

God Bless you.

Lotus, let us know. :redbeathe

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Thank you for your response, TraumaRUS.

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Nope - what we are saying is that we can't give legal advice. When you have a criminal history, that falls into needing legal advice which we can't provide.

It is best to contact your board or nursing, your school of nursing or a lawyer or perhaps all three!


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I don't know about other states, but Georgia is obviously extremely strict about DUI. I got a DUI over TWENTY SIX YEARS AGO at the age of 18 and it took them forever to issue my LPN license. In fact I ended up having to file a complaint with the Secretary of State before they were finally released last October. This was the only legal issue I have ever had in my entire life. I never divulged it to my school because frankly it happened so long ago I didn't think it would be an issue.

Having one DUI in your life does not mean you have a problem with alcohol. It certainly wasn't the case with me. I rarely drink anything alcoholic now. I like you... simply made a bad decision during the holidays a long time ago when I was very young.

I pick up from your post that you realize you made a mistake and will learn from it.... and that is what is important. Don't continue to beat yourself up. I wish you the best of luck in the future! :)

Have a great day!


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i'm glad i am not the only one; however, mine was aggravated and i just got accepted into the nursing program. I start in august. They do a backround check on us this friday i have not been charged with a dui yet however am in the process and i as you have a lawyer but not looking too hopefull as i have an aggravated charge- i blew above a .15. This is an incredibly scary process for me as i am not typically this way either. I hate how other people judge just because you made a mistake i know many individuals who make bad choices every day they just don't get caught... I have not drank since my dui and i believe everything happens for a reason- not sure why in this case but maybe the officers stopped me just in time... who knows but mistakes don't define who you are... Keep me updated on what happens with your case! and good luck!


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I am wondering what the results were in this case. I am a student CRNA and have found myself in a similar situation. I am afraid of what this will do to my career and my ability to sit for anesthesia boards in the state of Georgia. If anyone can offer helpful advice I need it. :(


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Hi lotus1,

You need to tell your nursing instructors stat (the sooner the better). If you don't, they will find out anyway, and think you were trying to hide it. They will for sure kick you out of the program then. As someone else posted (I believe it was tiffanyleigh0202), you do not want to go through nursing school just to find out it was for nothing (you can't take the boards). I went to nursing school with someone who had 2 DUIs and she had to go in front of the BON before she took her boards (she was honest about it and I believe that is why they let her take the boards). They did let her take the boards and she is a nurse who has been sober even since then. As I stated in another's post, you made a mistake. You leaned from it (hopefully). We all make mistakes but being able to learn from them is key. You didn't harm yourself or anyone else (be thankful for that). You have someone(s) watching out for you. Good luck! Let us know what happens. :)


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Thank you MCSS well the lawyer I hired to handle it just had the court day and it was reduced to a "wet reckless" since it was a first offense I've ever had in my life and I was coorperative with the police, and yes I have learned my lesson (every choice we make we must realize has consequences.) The WR shows up as "reckless driving" on someones record I found out. It is still a misdemeanor, but it is not a DUI it turns out. I kinda wanted to wait for the whole court process to go through so I could now exactly what I would have to deal with and get the documentation that I paid my fines and appeased the punishments the imposed (which I will find out is a few days and handle it). Now when I go to them I will have documentation and know what I'm dealing with. Hopefully they will understand that I whole heartedly am sorry for making such a bad choice and let me continue with my career training. Thanks for posting and showing concern. I will post again with a final update once I tell them and all is handle (on the legal front and school front). Thanks for the kind and honest words posted in this thread by everyone. P.S. umm.. I've notice I have been refered to as a "she" but I'm a guy actually just a little thing I wanted to clear up :doh:


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hey lotus! any updates?