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  1. bonesrn

    Connecticut/New England

    Rural isn't really for me :) I'm a city girl and of course I don't mind a 'little' rural, if there are coffee shops, restaurants, museums, etc. within walking distance/downtown, then I would be fine, but if I have to drive and drive to see civilization other than a mom and pop store, I would go nuts! Thanks for the info! I am in Raleigh and know there are several travel assignments in the area. It's a great city!
  2. bonesrn

    Connecticut/New England

    I was sent info on a position in NH, Dartmouth hospital and location Lebanon? Don't know much about the area? Who are you traveling to CT with?
  3. bonesrn

    Taxable rate + Per Diem = need help!

    No location is worth $16! Where is it?? PM me for great recruiter who is above board and explains the whole tax advantage BS in laymans terms! I am just getting back into the travel world and things certainly have changed. Of course, we don't do it to get rich, but what good is paradise if you have no money to enjoy it on your off days?
  4. bonesrn

    VA Hospital Travelers

    Wow..wasn't aware that VA hospitals used travel nurses? Where are you going and which company has VA contracts?
  5. bonesrn

    TEAS test help

    Ahh..I thought it was a test the hospitals use during orientation like the PBSD? Good Luck!!
  6. bonesrn

    Moving to Rhode Island

    Do you have a link to the survey? I heard good things about Swedish? Any info appreciated. It's been a year since my last post so wondering if things are any better? Thanks!
  7. bonesrn

    Kindred in Nashua

    Hmm...seems to be a trend. I have an offer for interview In Philly. LTAC generally seem to have a high turnover. It's hard work, but with good nurse management, etc. I think it could be a good experience. But, it is long term care, LTC is very different than acute care. Good Luck. Noticed this thread is dead..what gives?
  8. Are you dead set on Philadelphia? I am trying to get to Philly and I have 16 years experience. It's not easy, but don't give up! One thing I noticed here is candidates coming to the units directly and dropping of cookies and such..at first I thought it was weird but when I asked the nurse manager about it she said 'anything someone does to get noticed is good, I get over 100 applications from HR in my inbox and I can't possibly look at all of them" Her point being that it at least gets them an interview, which is more than most. Good Luck!! We need good nurses!!
  9. bonesrn

    Kindred Hospital

    Love to hear from anyone who has worked or is currently working at Kindred Hospital (LTAC in NE Philly). I have an interview in a few weeks. Thanks!
  10. bonesrn


    Anyone currently doing a contract with Intellistaff? Love to hear from anyone who has any experience, good or bad, with this company. Thanks!
  11. bonesrn

    Kindred Hospital

    Looking for information on the Kindred Facility in NE Philadelphia. Have an interview coming up. I have worked in an LTAC enviornment before so am aware of patient population. Looking for what salary to expect with 15+ yrs experience and nurse/pt ratios, staff moral etc. Thanks!
  12. bonesrn

    Job market in Pittsburgh for experienced RN's

    After checking out Pittsburgh and Philly, decided to go with Philly. Thanks for the info!
  13. bonesrn

    Job market for experienced RN in DE..

    Agreed, seems that Bebee is the one and only big hospital in the Lewes area. I have decided to work/live in Philly and visit the beautiful beaches of DE/NJ on my down time. Thanks for all the input!
  14. bonesrn

    Working in Hail Saudi Arabia

    A nurse that I worked with in Raleigh, NC went back to Saudi for her second stint and her family went with her. Her husband was in the same job situation as your spouse. I will get her contact info when I go to work tomorrow and ask her if she minds if I pass it on. She seems to love it! I say do your research as far as schooling for kids (home school/cyberschool?) and have the contract checked by lawyer/acct and then pack your bags! If you go, please keep us posted!! Good Luck!!
  15. bonesrn

    Does this sound right? Stipend question..

    I would ask her the same question! Clearly, the 3K option benefits them! Don't let them take advantage of you just because it is your first contract! Good Luck!