Values/Beliefs paper topic ideas?

  1. I'm finding myself stumped for a topic for this semester's research paper and I need help! Even though classes don't technically start until this Thursday, our semester is starting off with a BANG and I want to get a jump on things before I get a chance to fall behind at all.

    So, the paper. Here's the assignment description:
    Identify a professional issue in which you identify a potential and significant conflict with your personal values and beliefs.
    (emphasis theirs)

    I'm stuck. I can't think of any professional issues that I foresee causing a conflict with my personal values or beliefs.

    I know for this paper, I'm going to have to choose a stance even though it's not a true personal stance. Kind of like being assigned a topic and viewpoint for a debate.

    So, can anyone think of or recommend topics or issues that have 2 (or more) clear sides and should have a fair amount of data, research, articles, etc. to use for research and citations?
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  3. by   tammy1974
    It's been done time and time again, but how about end of life care such as euthanasia. As a nurse, that would be a touchy issue since nurses heal not harm people. Another one would be about the proposed health care bill and how that would affect health care in the country. Or maybe stem cell research. These are all things related to health care and are controversial issues. Just a couple of thoughts.
  4. by   KneKno
    End of life care--full code, agressive treatment in a pt with end stage disease (cancer, COPD, heart disease).
    Advanced Directives say "no vent", decision maker overrules.
    Old stand bys of assisting with abortions, circumcisions.
    Good Luck!
    Oops, one more--read an article about genetic testing for breast cancer, MD cared for both mom and daughter--mom had (+) test, didn't plan on telling family, including daughter.
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  5. by   itsmejuli
    My suggestion also is end of life.

    At what point do we stop making "heroic" efforts to keep someone alive? When do we let them go?

    For months at the LTC I work at I've been caring for a 93 yr old man who was being kept alive by G tube feeding. I always felt sad for him, I had to get his BP twice a day, he had blood sugar checked 4 times a day, meds put into him, and he had a supra pubic catheter. He couldn't communicate with us, he had no quality of life, he pulled at his tubes, he moaned whenever we cared for him. It always took 2 of us to care for aid had to hold his hands while the nurse did her/his work.

    Someone in his family couldn't bare to let him go, that's when they made him full code and put in the G tube.

    I was pleased to find out he passed away a few days ago. I know he's in a better place, nobody is poking and prodding him anymore.
  6. by   Kaychell
    How about the use of anti-biotics on Hospice patients...should they be allowed to use them for patients with a terminal illness?
  7. by   Teebee5
    I agree... end of life, but quality of life and patients rights.

    Good luck.
  8. by   justwandering31
    People's religious/cultural beliefs may be in conflict with your own beliefs and values. For instance if parents don't want to give their child blood products or certain tests. How would you feel if someone chose to forgo a treatment you knew would save their life?
  9. by   SwampCat
    abortion? circumcision?

    best wishes!
  10. by   haunani
    Great ideas everyone! :redpinkhe Definite a few viewpoints I hadn't thought of on my own. I'll have a better chance of choosing something now.