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haunani BSN, RN

Ortho/Neuro (2yrs); Mom/Baby (6yrs); LDRP (<1yr)
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haunani has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ortho/Neuro (2yrs); Mom/Baby (6yrs); LDRP (<1yr).

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  1. haunani


    My previous 2 hospitals, both with about 2400-2800 deliveries/year did NOT do them in-patient. They referred out to pediatric dentists for all cases, if they e...
  2. haunani

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Better then the pronunciation of "uh-bee-sity" 🙄
  3. haunani

    Thoughts on transferring from couplet care to L&D?

    Through a job change, I moved from M/B (couplet care) to an LDRP. I'm just finishing up my orientation to the L&D aspect of it in the next couple weeks. H...
  4. haunani

    L&D “extremes”

    Postpartum for 6 years/L&D for 2 months: Largest set of multiples: Twins Longest overdue: 42 Youngest mother: 12 years Oldest mother: ...
  5. haunani

    Wasting meds AFTER admin?

    The reason I ask is that we just got some education/training at work, and it included the following: ■ NEVER waste at the time of removal from the Pyxis ma...
  6. haunani

    Wasting meds AFTER admin?

    What is the reasoning for wasting meds AFTER administration and not before? Like, if I pull out 1mg Dilaudid, but I'm only going to give 0.5mg. It's probably ...
  7. haunani

    Nursing and Tattoos

    Really... it depends. Some facilities are super strict about NO visible tattoos, some are more lenient as long as they aren't offensive. Sometimes it's le...
  8. haunani


    This is the combo I used to study and easily pass my exam: Maternal Newborn and Low Risk Neonatal Nursing with Core Text (CCPR Study Workbook for Certificati...
  9. haunani

    New Process Admitting Couplets... HELP!!!

    I can share how we do it here. When I first transferred in, we did it that same way you used to. Baby to nursery, admit done there, then returned to mom. T...
  10. haunani

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I know this one's probably been mentioned, but I'm just now starting Sons of Anarchy with my husband, and noticed how the premature baby went from a tiny, scraw...
  11. haunani

    Providence St. Peter Hospital Residency Nov. 2016

    I'd be interested to hear how you two are liking St Peter. I'm looking into moving to the area in a couple years (gotta finish that BSN first!) and would like ...
  12. haunani

    I have not a clue on this impossible math problem

    I got that it would take 119 minutes, so it'd be done at 1259. (500 mL) * (10 gtt/mL) * (1/42 min/gtt) = 5000/42 = 119.05 minutes
  13. First off, I know the best way to get an answer to this is to contact the hospital directly, but I'm impatient and want answers while I work on a list of questi...
  14. haunani

    PCA pumps and capnography

    We've done that at my hospital for a few years now (at least 4). While, like most things, they can refuse it, usually telling them the safety risks gets them t...
  15. haunani

    Moving to Seattle/surrounding area

    Another Seattle(ish) transplant here, too! We're hoping to make the move in a few years, after I finish my BSN here in IL. I just seem to keep moving west as ...
  16. haunani

    Security on Mother Baby Unit

    We are a locked unit and use SafePlace tags for infant security. Visitors have to buzz at the door, provide the patient's name, and sign in to receive a wristb...