Difference between battery and assault

  1. I know that battery and assault are types of Intentional Negligence , therefore, you intend to cause harm.
    What's the difference between the two?
    Is it physically touching the person???

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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Assault is the threat. "If you don't take these meds, I will force them down your throat!"
    Battery is the physical touching that is against the patient's will.
  4. by   May2011Grad
    Assault is the verbalization of intent
    Battery is the physical harm
  5. by   morte
    you need to know YOUR state laws, it varies.
  6. by   docbkh
    assault [əˈsɔːlt] n 1. a violent attack, either physical or verbal 2. (Law) Law an intentional or reckless act that causes another person to expect to be subjected to immediate and unlawful violence

    bat-ter-y (bt-r)n. pl. bat-ter-ies 1. a. The act of beating or pounding.
    b. Law The unlawful and unwanted touching or striking of one person by another, with the intention of bringing about a harmful or offensive contact.

    Google is your friend!
  7. by   thinwildmercury

    depends where you are from but the key phrase in the link i sent you is that historically the definitions are what was said above but that today, most states don't differentiate between the two.
  8. by   jlynn2303
    These are the definitions I learned as well -but it always raised questions about the terms 'sexual assault' and 'sexual battery', which are not generally defined that way.
  9. by   AmandaGrey
    my husband came up with these "tricks" and for some reason, it has always stayed in my head!
    stupid i know, but i remember them now!

    Assault - you don't have to touch salt to get it out (as in, just shake the salt shaker when boiling pasta or whatever)
    Battery - you're going to get hurt if you touch a battery while it's raining outside (it's going to shock you!)
  10. by   StudentNurseElle
    assault : a threat to cause harm
    for example : if you odnt eat your breakfast, i ll make you stay in the chair all day.

    battery : purposeful, wrongful, touching without consent
    for example : a client who presents his hand when told it is tim eot test his blood glucose implies consent

    relies on implied consent as an agreement inferred by the client's cooperative behavior
    for example : continuing to give the client an enema even when she says "stop" is battery.

    Good luck