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  1. Shawna Kratochwill

    Nurse Assault: My Story

    [Graphic Content/Trigger Warning] Background InfoI was working a 12-hour night shift, independently staffing the 3-bed Special Care Unit in a Critical Access Hospital. The patient had been admitted a few days earlier with chest pain and subsequently ...
  2. Difference between battery and assault

    I know that battery and assault are types of Intentional Negligence, therefore, you intend to cause harm. What's the difference between the two? Is it physically touching the person??? Thanks!
  3. Dear Nurse Beth, I am a Traveling Nurse. I genuinely love what I do. I take assignments that are in the psychiatric setting. On August 1st when coming on for my 7p to 7a shift; my charge nurse and I received the news we were getting a Covid posi...

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