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  1. Hi I am a nursing student who is set to graduate in May of 2019. Our Cohort has to pass the ATI Comprehensive Predictor Exam in order to graduate. I am preparing to study for the Exam now and I was curious which book would be weighted the heaviest in the exam. I was thinking I would start in the Medical Surgical book. (Obviously there will be more questions from Med Surg than a book like Nutrition) Any suggestions as to which book would be a good starting spot. I have taken exams from all of these books but need to improve with all of them.
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    • Med Surg

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    • Pharmacology

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    • Maternal Newborn

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  4. by   emmjayy
    There is literally no way to tell. How have you been doing on ATI so far? In my experience, you will do about as well on the Comprehensive Predictor as you did on any other ATI exam you've taken.
  5. by   chavy21
    I have scored between a level 1 and 2. I know I need to improve on that but wasn't sure where to start
  6. by   jtran21
    Good morning!

    I just took the comprehensive exam, and what I found after discussing it with my other classmates is that the exam has a bulk of a certain subject but it's not the same for everyone. For me, it was bulked on OB, while my friend had a bulk of peds and my other friend mental. The best way to study would be to remember what you learned from fundamentals, brush up on meds, and do A LOT of practice questions to get used to how long it is (180 questions). I used RN Mentor which is in the app store/google play store for free that's set up by ATI that has way more practice questions than the books. Good luck!