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Finally graduated from nursing school with my BSN!

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    Med Surge 2

    Yes!! 👏🏻 You got this!
  2. KrCmommy522

    Med Surge 2

    I had bad test anxiety and would stress myself out so bad. And I had a huge issue with changing answers. I’d always answer the questions, then go over the test when I was finished to make sure I answered all the questions and didn’t miss any, and I would end up second guessing myself and changing answers. And EVERY time when I’d see the ones I got wrong, 99% of the time I’d see it was ones I changed and I had it correct the first time! I’d get so mad at myself! I kept trying to stop myself from changing answers, but I could always convince myself I needed to change it. Finally, I just stopped going over my test at the end (I made sure to go slow while taking the test to make sure I didn’t skip any somehow and I never skipped any to go back to them later, which could lead to me changing answers on other questions). While I was taking the test, I made sure to think the question through - figuring out what exactly the question was asking, looking at ALL the options (I also had a bad habit of seeing an option that looked right, like option B, selecting it, and never looking at C or D 🤦‍♀️). I’d then look at each option individually. Seeing if any of them were answering something that wasn’t asked or that would require information that wasn’t given to know or didn’t have anything to do with what was being asked. Then, I’d look to see if any had something wrong in them. Like, if the question said something about the patient having a high HR but an option was related to a low HR. If so, I’d cross that one out. Once I did that, I’d look at the options left to determine which one was answering the question. For me, I just made sure to work through each question completely, then move on to the next one and forget about the last one. It seemed to help me. And I never went back through, which kept me from changing my answers. But, it sounds like you’re having extreme anxiety, so it might help to see your doctor to discuss it like the other person suggested.
  3. KrCmommy522

    Failed nursing school(technically)

    I failed a clinical portion - my very last clinical before graduation. Passed all other classes and clinical with flying colors, never had any issues. Never missed a clinical before. But my last clinical I was sick twice. First time I went, instructor sent me home. Second time I was even sicker, called her, she said I needed a doctors note, which I got. She told me she’d contact me on how to make up the time. I checked daily for her email, nothing for 3 days. Then, the 4th day I was working all day, came home later at night and found an email telling me to complete a writing assignment and time in the lab by the next day, which I had to work and there was no way I could miss work (I’m a single mom). She failed me. Appealing never occurred to me. My instructor if I wasn’t happy with her decision to go up the chain, so I did to the president. Along the way nobody said appealing was an option. So I redid the clinical and graduated a semester later. 2 students I redid the clinical with had failed the class portion and had to redo it all. They failed the redo of the clinical for tons of legitimate reasons but, they appealed it and won. So to this day I feel if I would have appealed I would have definitely won. 🤦‍♀️ But, it was only an extra semester. It just bothered me that they had done so much wrong and got the decision overturned when I didn’t and was stuck. But as much as it sucks, you just gotta take things as they come and move forward as best you can. Good luck!
  4. KrCmommy522

    Looking For a Critical Friend

    Mental Health Nurse Student? I might be too tired to be understanding what you’re meaning right now 😂 Do you mean you’re a nursing student taking a mental health course? Or you’re a nurse who is starting work in mental health?
  5. KrCmommy522

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    Same here. I had access to the EMR from my first clinical. We didn’t start documenting until my second clinical. At the end of each clinical day, the instructor had to sign off on each students charting. If one of us made a mistake, the instructor would call us over, discuss it with us, make changes if necessary, and then sign off. When I did my practicum (or capstone as some call it), I also had access to the EMR. I selected my preceptor in the EMR and she had to sign off on my charting. But I did all my own charting and she did all her own. At first, my preceptor was with me for everything. As she saw what I could do and I guess became comfortable, she loosened the reins a bit. By the end of my practicum, I did everything on my own. Even administering meds. There was a list of things we were not allowed to do without the preceptor in the room but if I remember correctly they were things like administering blood products and things like that. But as for oral or IV meds, it was at the preceptors discretion whether or not he/she had to be right there with us while doing it. In clinicals though, the instructor always oversaw us administering meds. However, I do think it’s a huge issue giving the meds to the wrong patient. I think that like others said, the preceptor has to bear some responsibility. If the student does not have access to the EMR, that takes away one of the checks to make sure the right patient is getting the right meds. Of course, the student still has the additional checks that should of been done to catch the error. But again, with no EMR access, just handing some meds to a student that have no name on them, it’s kind of hard for the student to be sure they’re going to the right person. I think failing the student is a little harsh. But again, giving the wrong patient meds is a big thing so I do get it. OP, I had a course that I failed and had to redo at the end right before my practicum started. I was crushed. Mostly because of the reasoning behind it but I’m not getting into that 😂 I didn’t know you could appeal the decision. I was told to go above the instructor to the one overseeing the course, which I did. I thought it stopped there. When another student failed a course for something that I totally understood, the student appealed it n won! I couldn’t believe it because (1) I didn’t know you could appeal it 🤦‍♀️ (my own dumb fault for not looking up guidelines for what you can do if you fail) and (2) there were many reasons the student was failed and it was just plain shocking that student was able to beat all those! So I regretted not trying to appeal mine because if that person was able to beat it, then I definitely could given why I failed! But I didn’t and I repeated the course and finished it n went on to do my practicum and graduate. Took me a lil longer but no biggie now that it’s done n over with! So just think about what you want to do. If you want to just take it, move on and repeat the course then do that! If you think it’s a little unfair being failed, then try for an appeal. Either way, you’ll graduate and become a nurse and you’ll always have this experience to remember and hopefully learn from! Good luck! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. KrCmommy522

    Care Plan for IV infiltration help please!!

    Just wanted to say I loved reading all of this! Reminded me of when I first came here looking for help!! Although, I did give my thoughts to start with 😉 But it’s just so nice seeing someone come for help, and when they don’t provide their own thoughts and someone replies that we aren’t going to do their work for them, for the OP to not take offense and start being rude or just run off! To just provide the info n show they really want to LEARN! So good on you OP! And to those of you that were so helpful to the OP 👏🏻 You’re amazing! Just makes me smile seeing people help other people! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  7. KrCmommy522


    I’d say the patient is the daughter Caren. It’s confusing because it starts off with Caren Walker, 55 yo woman who has been caring for her mother Ellen. What it describes us how hard it is on the daughter Caren. Due to her mother’s Alzheimer’s, she’s having a really hard time. Like Rosalie Blythe said, your on the right path with caregiver role strain. The case study seems to be describing that to a T! Also, like Rosalie Blythe said, it’s clear the daughter is having a hard time taking care of her mother, who is in the late stages of the disease. It’s taking a toll on the daughters health - not being able to sleep, worsening her high blood pressure. Not to mention just the stress of it all and how she has to withstand being treated by her mother during her “bad” times. So, I’d focus on educating the daughter on resources - (1) maybe bringing someone in to help with her mother (which will allow her to keep caring for her mother but give her breaks now and then). Maybe discuss the best time for the help to come in - at night so she can rest easily or during the day when she feels she gets stressed the most. (2) maybe putting the mother in an assisted living nursing home, maybe one that specializes in Alzheimer’s patients. (3) maybe education on different things to do with Alzheimer’s patients to keep them as calm as possible or calm them down during outbursts. Things like that! Hope that helps!
  8. KrCmommy522

    Survey for my reseach project

    Over the years I’ve been on here I’ve seen a few people post surveys for assignments, asking people to answer questions related to something. I actually just commented on another person who posted a survey for a project they are doing. I’ve noticed that it’s not often they get answered. I really don’t know why. But, this is an online forum. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with the people on here. But, with anything online, you have no way to guarantee if someone is really who they say they are. When instructors give assignments like these, my guess is they want you to actually go meet with the people the assignment is about and actually have a discussion with them. I think it’s more helpful to sit and talk with someone then to just list out questions and have them spout off answers. I had to do a few research papers when I was in school and each time I called or went to some of my local hospitals, and asked if I could speak with nurses or nursing supervisors or whoever the assignment was about. I never had an issue with it. They were always really helpful! Hopefully someone does answer your questions, but if not you can always call places around you and I’m sure they’ll help! Good luck!
  9. You might find it more helpful to just call your local hospital. I did a similar assignment when I was in school and that’s what I did. They were really helpful and I got to go and sit and talk with a few different people. I've noticed on here when it comes to assignments like this, it’s rare people answer the questions. I’m not sure why really. Maybe because the assignment is supposed to allow you to go and actually meet with the person and have a discussion. On the other hand, just posting the questions on a forum and having people answer them, that’s all you get. No discussion. Also, probably the biggest thing, just because someone online says they have xyz experience or work in xyz position, that doesn’t mean they really do. I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with people on this forum and I don’t doubt that most are exactly who they say they are. But when it comes to online you can never truly know for sure. Just my thoughts! Hopefully someone does answer your questions for you! But just in case, I’d call around to local places near you. I’m sure you won’t have an issue finding people in a place near you that will be willing to sit n chat with you! Good luck!
  10. KrCmommy522

    Fundamentals Tutor

    I know we’re all kind of tutors here trying to help where we can when people ask questions. But I haven’t seen anything about tutors on here. There might be a specific area for it, so maybe try searching for it. Do you want a tutor in person or online? I don’t know where your located but I’d help you if you need it! ❤️
  11. KrCmommy522

    need for nursing care plan for Hemothorax

    Do you need to list them in order of priority? For pain, you need to give actual s/s. At least when I did care plans, “autonomic response” wouldn’t be accepted. I would have to list what actual s/s my patient was exhibiting. I would say ineffective breathing pattern is a good one. The broken ribs and hemothorax shown by the diagnostic tests can also be listed as evidence. I’d say given his labs, there’s another priority diagnosis you should have listed. Given the temp is 100.4 F, I would say there’s more priority diagnoses than hyperthermia. If the temp was higher than I’d consider that. But, others might disagree there, so maybe see what others say about it and go from there. Was this info you were given, like a case study or did you assess the patient yourself?
  12. KrCmommy522

    ATI Predictor Exam

    I don’t remember exactly, but I know that when I took mine we were given a chart from the ATI site that showed if you scored this on the ATI predictor, you had this probability of passing the NCLEX. I’m sure you can find that on the ATI site
  13. KrCmommy522

    ATI Predictor Exam

    When we did our ATI predictor, it seemed like everyone in my class got subjects they felt they struggled in. It could of just been that we all felt that way because those are the questions we noticed the most! If I really think on it, I got a good mix of everything. But, I did feel that I got more questions in the areas I was weak in! Again, I think it's probably those are the one's I focused the most on!
  14. KrCmommy522

    How would you like 3 consecutive months off a year?

    Yes! If they said that they were doing this in the peds unit because of low census and giving people the chance to stay in their unit but work in the summer somewhere else, I would be all for that! But to say it's a chance to help with burn out...I don't see that!
  15. KrCmommy522

    How would you like 3 consecutive months off a year?

    Yep!! That makes a whole lot more sense than what they are trying to say the purpose is!!!
  16. KrCmommy522

    How would you like 3 consecutive months off a year?

    That was my thinking too! I am a single mother and I couldn't take 3 months off. They offer a stipend but that's to pay for the insurance, so I'm sure it wouldn't leave much, if anything, left over. Then, they say you can pick up shifts if you want, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the program - to give nurses 3 months off to increase retention and decrease burn out? If you're picking up shifts during that time, then what is the purpose of the program? I suppose, they don't expect you to pick up as many shifts as you would normally be working during those 3 months, but without offering some kind of stipend to actually pay bills and live on, most would need to pick up the same amount of shifts or close to it!! I completely agree that it's a great idea in principle. I also agree that it won't provide any practical benefits because people will need to either pick up the same amount of shifts as they would of worked anyways, or find a second job to make up the difference - Getting absolutely no rest and defeating said purpose of the program! The only way it would maybe work is if they could provide a stipend to live off of, not just for insurance, and I do NOT see that happening ever!