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jb_mmmm has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation.

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  1. jb_mmmm

    Inpatient rehabilitation

    it depends on how long the patients have therapy! < 3 hours is subacute and 3 hours is acute
  2. jb_mmmm

    Med Surg positivity?

    I know I'm not OP, but thank you so much for writing this. I did acute rehab for two years and now I'm moving to complex med surg which is basically med surg + stepdown in my hospital, and I really appreciated your point of view!
  3. Blood cultures please
  4. can we order a rainbow set of labs including vitamin D?
  5. jb_mmmm

    Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    I took Tylenol x2 after receiving my first dose and am scheduled for my second dose in feb, did I f up?
  6. jb_mmmm

    JUST finished school

    you'll probably be ready in January if you study until then. but giirrrrrlll don't do rotating shifts it's gonna mess you up
  7. jb_mmmm

    Urgent: Need advice please?

    dialysis has more benefits, I'd say go for it and make sure that you're gonna get good training
  8. jb_mmmm

    I feel very lost

    LMAOOOOO ME TOO I just turned 24 a week ago and I'm hitting my second year at acute rehab. I really wanna try something new too but I don't have any intrinsic ~passions~ that I'm gravitating towards. I had an offer for ICU stepdown but I got blocked ...
  9. jb_mmmm

    Orientation. Advice on precepting

    I've been a new nurse for just over a year now, and I'm still like this but it's a little bit better. She needs to up her nursing judgement, and perhaps a method of destressing. Whenever things hit the fan for me I have to remember to destress then t...
  10. jb_mmmm

    Orientation. Advice on precepting

    She kinda sounds like a new grad, like me! Let her have some patients of her own and be hands off(unless things are about to hit the fan yk) and be there to answer questions. or even better, make her think through her own question!
  11. jb_mmmm

    New Grad COVID

    He** no any unit that thinks three months is too much for a new grad is trying to yeet you out by yourself too early. go to another unit thatll guarantee your three months of preceptorship, and advocare for yourself if they try to cheat you out of it...
  12. jb_mmmm

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    I did my residency project on bedside shift report. It's important cause physically seeing the patient helps you remember things, and reporting using SBAR won't leave the next nurse with any surprises. It also helps you make sure that the patient's a...
  13. at my hospital they dont let us self schedule but let us switch "two times per two week schedule," so me and my friend get together whenever the new schedule comes out and switch around until we have the days we want. sometimes if the office secretar...
  14. jb_mmmm

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I knew a lot of female cheerleaders at my high school talked about wanting/going to nursing school on their facebooks but I honestly don't know if any of them made it. I also notice that it was the cheerleaders who were especially mean around the sch...
  15. jb_mmmm


    the ONLY RN? Are you working at a SNF? I work acute rehab and got my three months even though my unit tried to launch me out at 2 months cause I knew I needed more orientation to be successful