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  1. AnEStar

    ATI Predictor Exam

    I took my Predictor in October. I actually used UWorld to prepare for my ATI comprehensive predictor. Besides the Hurst Review in August, I did not do any other studying. I received a variety of questions which were all equally distributed. I'd focus on my weak areas first then skim the stronger areas for review.
  2. AnEStar

    Emory Residency Winter/Spring 2019

    Thank you. I wish you the best as well!
  3. AnEStar

    Emory Residency Winter/Spring 2019

    Hello all! I interviewed as well and haven't heard anything. I don't expect to hear anything soon as my name is kind of at the end of the alphabet. Tisha said that it would take some time so I'm trying to be patient. It's pretty hard but I'll let you guys know if I hear anything.
  4. AnEStar

    iPad Pro for notes

    I'm going to third what the two previous posters have said. I also have the keyboard attached so I can type notes in notability as well!
  5. AnEStar

    Is nursing school really awful?

    At my nursing school, there is a lot of busy work. Is the program awful? No. Whatever you put in effort wise, you will get out of the program. There may be tears, there may be moments where you're so happy you made this choice. It's doable, you just have to have the right mindset and good organization skills.
  6. AnEStar

    How many hours do you study for?

    I'm in semester 5 of 5 now in my program. For a regular week I'd study about 12-20 hours depending on the material coming up. Without a doubt, the Sunday before classes, I had my head in a book for a good 6 hours or I was watching a video on the current topics. For exams, I'd start studying a week before the exam, 2-3 hours per day for each exam. The weekend of the exam, I'd study all day Saturday, go out Saturday night, and then study all day Sunday. You have to know yourself. What may work for me, may not work for you, but I need a lot of hours mentally visualizing, seeing animations, and practice understanding concepts to retain it on an in depth level.
  7. AnEStar

    UMHB Fall 2018

    -Read the assigned readings. Know your text inside and out. Ask questions. Go in to each class PREPARED. Challenge your instructors, in the end, they want you to soak up their knowledge I'm currently in my 4th semester. I have a previous degree in Biology. I am apart of the academic triumph team that offers help to those in semesters behind me. Good luck and I hope you guys get in!
  8. AnEStar

    1hr Drive to Nursing School

    Why didn't you apply for UMHB Spring 2017? I commute from the clear creek gate there and it's about a 30 minute drive one way. If you're desperate, I guess you'd just suck it up and do what you have to, but there are other options out there. I wanted to add that I use the GI Bill to attend school, but I see you are doing LVN. I'd definitely just suck it up.
  9. AnEStar

    What Prerequisites Does Your School Have?

    The same as the OP without the nutrition and diversity pre-req. We also have to have Intro to Sociology.
  10. AnEStar


    Thank you so much for the tips! I really appreciate and I will use this advice this semester.
  11. AnEStar


    This seems to be very sound advice. Did you also skim the reading prior to class?
  12. AnEStar

    New student

    Anatomy and Physiology wasn't that hard for me. I read the book, did all the assignments, and practiced practiced practiced. I would use sheet protectors and labeled whatever we were going to be quizzed and tested on. If you are confused, re-read the book or look at youtube for animations or explanations. Just don't take confusion for an answer. It's all in your work ethic and time management. Good luck!
  13. AnEStar

    UMHB Fall 2016 (Mary Hardin Baylor)

    I didn't really study for the Kaplan like I planned to. But I did review a minute portion and I did very well. I would advise you to know your grammar, anatomy and physiology, and practice reading comprehension. My test involved a lot of cardiac, which I did not review, but I have previous cardiac physiology knowledge. The math for me was basic and pretty simple where college algebra should suffice. I reviewed dosage calculations the day of the exam and was able to do great in the math portion. As far as the writing section, you should review sentence structure as well as relevance/order of placement in a passage. Reading comprehension, is just simple read the passage and answer the question that is most correct. That's all I remember from the test that would be helpful. Good luck!
  14. Congrats!!!!!!! And thanks for the advice!
  15. AnEStar

    Second Degree Encouragement and advice please!

    Are you saying taking courses like Microbiology is based on GPA? I actually completed majority of my B.S. in Biology at Georgia State. Unfortunately, at the time I attended GSU, A&P together were not required for my degree. I had to take the lab portion this past year along with other pre-req's such as Public Speaking, Sociology and Lifespan. I knew I just had to suck it up to get to where I want to be. Since my courses were older, I did have to take a few others, but I want to be a nurse, so I did what I had to. Now, it's possible for you to seek a CC, but I was told my courses were too old for the CC in my area and I would have had to start from scratch. The institution I attend now accepted a lot of my courses, and I did a little giving on my end as well by taking the required courses. If my now school would have said the same thing the CC said, I'd have went the CC route because that would have been best for me. You just have to explore ALL of your options in the metro area, and if you really want it, go the easiest/best route for you.