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So how do you make it work being a father, current sole provider, and being a nursing student? Any advice from others who have been there and done that?


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Sometimes it doesn't work but you have to force yourself to keep going. I am a mother of three teens and I sat down with all of them and explained what I was doing and they were supportive. But still didn't quite understand momma ain't gonna be there for every little thing. I always made it a point when I got home to take an hr or so and discuss their days with them and find out anything they needed. I worked weekends to support us and prayed a lot!


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Oops just saw this was n male nursing student. I'm not a male so ignore my post haha


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No worries! Advice from a mother never gets ignored. Trying to figure it all out.

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I'm also a mother, but I can relate to your situation. I'm the sole provider for my child and just got accepted to nursing school. I decided that something was going to have to go from the situation, so I'm quitting my job. I have enough saved up that I can get through my first six months of the 2 year program, but after that I'll need loans unless I find that nursing school isn't as challenging for me as I've been led to believe. I haven't had a talk with my kid yet about how available I may or may not be because she's only 7 but I'll have that talk with her as we get closer to the start date. How old is your child/ren?

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I've been there done that...I quit my full-time job to go to school, needless to say it was stressful. Wife and kids think you ignore them when all you trying to do is study. Hopefully you don't got the jealous type, because uh yea, you are around a lot of pretty females everyday, just dont get too involved personally and you will be fine. Sometimes I tried to balance my life even giving a 15 minute break in between studies with them, but of course its never enough time. I ranted about this a couple years back when I was in nursing school in a thread "Spouses got no idea what it takes"...check it out it might be exactly what you thinking now. Sometimes I would spend evenings with the kids then sleep and wake up 2 am to do the studies while they sleep...yep its hard. Click the link

In the end once you stay sure is worth it. I'm still the sole earner, We no longer worry about bills, I was able to buy my wife a car 6 months after working. Yeah I got student loans but I'm earning more than I ever had, with 1st year earnings over $60,000. This year I'm on track to earn of 80 grand because I pulling in lots of overtime to reach our goals faster and travel next year. I was also the sole financial provider all throughout nursing school.

Apply for as much grants and scholarship as possible. Check out the HRSA scholarship is open now

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

Also check out some government unemployment centers. I got a grant from one of them which helped paid for books and tution and used loans to have cover bills. Here its called WorkSource via the OneStops employment center and Center of business and excellence. In your state the name might be different, but there are programs out there with grants for nursing students, it's just not advertised. If you can get one of those stress will be less financially.

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Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, then you just chew it and keep going!


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I'm a mother, but I was in a similar role. We had to take out student loans to pay living expenses. Thankfully I received a small stipend from the VA and they paid tuition and books, but we still needed money. I'd started out nursing school keeping the job I'd held prior, but my boss wasn't very understanding about my schedule, and I was forced to quit.

I wasn't home much, so I tried to make the time count when I was home. I didn't study at home, because it was too hard to focus, and my ex-husband (who didn't work- don't get me started) and son had a hard time with me being home but unavailable.


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I will begin nursing school this fall and while I'm not a father (yet), I would like to check out this thread for some times on balance and maintaining the relationships that matter. I have enough savings to at least cover the rent for 2 years (assuming our landlord does not increase the rent too much). The wife will be bringing home the bacon and I plan to make some money with odd jobs and ridesharing for my expenses. We both have talked about setting aside some time for us and make sure we communicate our concerns immediately. While it does feel like it takes too much time especially when all you need to do is study study study, I think investing the time for your relationships are a major part of success.

Hi OP, I am in the same boat, I work full time, go to school full time, father, husband and sole provider full time at the moment. I will be applying in September for an ADN program. I'm finishing up my pre reqs this summer. So far I have not had to take out any loans but i'm sure I will be at some point. Life is stressful and I have no time to do anything but work and stay home and study. So far my finances are staying above water but I don't know for how long. I may have to cut back work once in nursing school so that will probably be when the loans come in to play.

I have been wanting to start a thread like this one, because I am looking for support from other men who have done what I am doing. So far it looks like there aren't many out there. The few that have done it are very inspirational for me. I would love to hear more stories and advice on how to be successful in my specific situation. I know I am still young and have lots of fight and grit left in me so there is nothing that will stop me from doing what I have set out to do. Once in a blue moon doubt can creep in, so I use these stories and experiences on this website to pump me up and get excited to make things happen.

Good luck to you sir


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I will soon be in a similar boat. I'm not the sole breadwinner in the family, but I make the most money of the two of us. I have no other choice but to work while I'm in nursing school. Right now I'm just getting started on my prereqs, but once I hit nursing school I will have to find a way to make it work.

I will soon be in a similar boat. I'm not the sole breadwinner in the family, but I make the most money of the two of us. I have no other choice but to work while I'm in nursing school. Right now I'm just getting started on my prereqs, but once I hit nursing school I will have to find a way to make it work.

Best of luck to you! My wife and I came to the conclusion that it would be better for her to stop working and stay home with the baby. It made it easier on me because she helps me stay organized and and fed and we dint have to post for child care. I'm getting grants and my work is helping pay for a lot of my schooling but with it that I would be sunk.

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