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Do you think, if I buy a fun colored stethoscope like pink or orange, people won't take me seriously?... Read More

  1. by   mcbismark
    Quote from KCnTexas
    I want to order from Steeles.com because they will engrave the bell, did all go well when you ordered?
    I ordered from www.steeles.com and it went well... I got what I ordered when they said I would get it.
    I would recommend them to anyone.

    KC, your preferences don't let anyone send you a PM and your email address fails... Hard to answer a PM and give an opinion!!!
  2. by   Feathers
    I personally bought the gray Littman Cardiology III from Allheart.com for nursing school. Everyone has black, so I wanted mine to be a little different, but still be able to have a versitile color. I have not seen a gray scope at the hospital that I'm currently working as a tech. I was thinking of maybe trying to find a paint that won't wash off w/alcohol & hand painting pink or purple polk-a-dots or something? Something to personalize that won't harbor germs, as engraving the gray scope was not an option available at allheart.com.
  3. by   Duckyaryj
    Between my husband and I (he's an EMT) we have at least 6 stethescopes and not one of them are a "normal color" The one I am currently using is a purple cammo Ultrascope Everyone at work Knows it's mine not only d/t the color but the odd shaped head. My husband has a bright blue ultrascope with a flag on the head. If you want personalization I would go with Ultrascope you can pick and personalize your head and even engrave it. The price depends on how personal you want it but Everybody knows it is yours! I love the sound quality of it too!
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I have the boring black Littman. I love the Littman but I want to get a new one. Something with color..and I want it engraved now that I have my license.

    I have noticed in my facility I am the ONLY one with a black stethoscope everyone else has cool, bright colors, except they have the cheapy ones with bad sound quality so they are always asking to borrow mine. I let them borrow it but I go where it goes, so I follow them to the room of the pt they want to use it on :lol:
  5. by   BowMomOfSeven

    Very new here, but was just wondering if anyone knows where or if you can get stethoscopes that are cammo??
  6. by   ThrowEdNurse
    Try ultra scope. They're really good and the tubing comes in a million colors and you can get the scope part in a hundred different designs. They have 2 different types of camo and they are really pretty in life. They look sort of glassy. You can probably just google for the website. I love mine!