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  1. Fading out lvn/lpn

    I spoke with my grandmother and great aunts about this same subject when I graduated nursing school 2 years ago. All three of them have been nurses for over 20 years, along with my great grandmother being a nurse for gawd who knows how long. They say...
  2. Waiting at the docs office

    That is just horrible that your office made you wait 3 hours!! They should have let you know if they did not have any appointments for you! We have patients call in and see if we have any appointments each day (15 min intervals), if not we refer them...
  3. how can I find job openings in Doctor's Clinic?

    I found my office job at career builder, and there are many other online job search sites. Also I recommend looking in your yellow pages and looking for different offices, and applying in person.
  4. Which do you prefer?

    I would prefer 3 12's. I currently work at an office setting thats supposed to be 5 9's but its more like 1 12, and 4 10's plus some! If it wernt for my co-workers, Docs and patients I would go back to the hospital but I love my job too much!
  5. Can LPN's find work in doctor's offices?

    I used work on a skilled unit at a local hospital, Now I work at a general peds office. We higher both experienced nurses and new grads. About half of the team came in as new grads. Like others have said most of us love our jobs/hours. 5 of us have t...
  6. Penn Valley Entrance Difficulty

    Comment deleted
  7. Pediatric Hospitals in CO?

    Im looking into moving to CO within the next few years and I am wanting to stay in peds. (I currently work in a general peds office in KCMO) On a recent trip to Estes I saw a commercial for what I thought was a children's hospital chain. Is this true...
  8. Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

    You are truely a special person! It takes something that I do not have to work in LTC and enjoy it! Thank You for your stories!
  9. Moving to Missouri Need Advice

    In Kansas City the only Children's Hospital is Children's Mercy. It is a very large hospital with many different campuses. I dont know the going rate though as I am a LPN and do not work there yet.
  10. MMR question

    Where I work MMR and Varicella are both sub-q. the rest are IM
  11. Do nurses make the worse family members or patients ?

    When Grandma was in the hospital early on in her fight with CA, I tried to keep the fact that I was a nurse a secret, but my family outed me :S asking all these questions about what the nurse was doing in front of the nurse, then the nurse treated me...
  12. Ethical/Legal Issue - Need Advice (HH)

    I would call APS like YESTERDAY!!! She is a risk to herself and her neighbors. its seems as though she is no longer capable of being on her own and if her children cannot provide the care, she needs either more in home care or to be placed in a facil...
  13. What's the dumbest remark you've heard yourself make...

    This wasnt something I did but a fellow student: When I was in CNA class we were learning different abbreviations that could be used. We were going around the room and interpreting different scenarios. when it was the only male student's turn he must...
  14. how much do you make an hour/year?

    Im an LPN in KCMO with 1 yr exp. my Main job is in a peds. office making 14.70/hr, my new part time job as a peds private duty nurse I will start at 16/hr.
  15. Peds/infant stethoscope

    I work at a Peds office I got the littman classic infant stethescope and it is really nice. I got mine on discount (because the entire nursing staff ordered one) for 75$ but they were originally running around 90$ which isnt bad for a good steth.