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  1. Duckyaryj

    Fading out lvn/lpn

    I spoke with my grandmother and great aunts about this same subject when I graduated nursing school 2 years ago. All three of them have been nurses for over 20 years, along with my great grandmother being a nurse for gawd who knows how long. They say that this situation has happened many times through out their careers. Facilities will think that LPN/LVS are unnecessary and stop hiring/laying them off, in a few years they will realize that it is a stupid mistake and hire them once again when the work gets "too tough" on the RN's. I know with the economy its just putting salt on the wound right now, but just ride it out, and soon things will pick up soon.
  2. Duckyaryj

    Waiting at the docs office

    That is just horrible that your office made you wait 3 hours!! They should have let you know if they did not have any appointments for you! We have patients call in and see if we have any appointments each day (15 min intervals), if not we refer them to our triage nurse or urgent care. Even if we are running behind the most our patients wait is 30 min unless something catastrophic happens. I would definatley write a letter to your current office and find a new one soon! Glad your little one is doing better.
  3. Duckyaryj

    how can I find job openings in Doctor's Clinic?

    I found my office job at career builder, and there are many other online job search sites. Also I recommend looking in your yellow pages and looking for different offices, and applying in person.
  4. Duckyaryj

    Which do you prefer?

    I would prefer 3 12's. I currently work at an office setting thats supposed to be 5 9's but its more like 1 12, and 4 10's plus some! If it wernt for my co-workers, Docs and patients I would go back to the hospital but I love my job too much!
  5. Duckyaryj

    Can LPN's find work in doctor's offices?

    I used work on a skilled unit at a local hospital, Now I work at a general peds office. We higher both experienced nurses and new grads. About half of the team came in as new grads. Like others have said most of us love our jobs/hours. 5 of us have to work 1 12 hour shift a week and we rotate saturdays, In the summer we get one half day a week if we work a late night, and those that dont get a half day the week they work a saturday shift. I love office work and its making me reconsider if I want to advance into an RN. And a bonus...I make more at the office than I did at the Hospital!! I hope this inspires you to become an office nurse, it takes a special person to do this work...it seems easy but depending on the doc you work for and how busy your schedual is it can be very difficult to keep up, and keep the patients happy!
  6. Duckyaryj

    Penn Valley Entrance Difficulty

    Comment deleted
  7. Duckyaryj

    Pediatric Hospitals in CO?

    Im looking into moving to CO within the next few years and I am wanting to stay in peds. (I currently work in a general peds office in KCMO) On a recent trip to Estes I saw a commercial for what I thought was a children's hospital chain. Is this true? Does anyone know what they require in credentials (other than RN c PALS)? Where are they located? What do you think about living in colorado as a nurse?
  8. Duckyaryj

    Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

    You are truely a special person! It takes something that I do not have to work in LTC and enjoy it! Thank You for your stories!
  9. Duckyaryj

    Do nurses make the worse family members or patients ?

    When Grandma was in the hospital early on in her fight with CA, I tried to keep the fact that I was a nurse a secret, but my family outed me :S asking all these questions about what the nurse was doing in front of the nurse, then the nurse treated me like crud, being snyde when I asked about treatments and such. Then when my Grandmother was in the hospital loosing her fight with CA, the first nurse only knew I was a nurse when she really messed up with her IV fluids and I went to her NM she instantly became a better nurse. When she was transferred to a more critical floor I was outed again by my family (I also think the nurse gave me up in report too) and my grandmother was completely ignored by the techs because I helped them clean her up once aft r that they only entered her room once a day/night the entire week. And when I asked to have the nurse ask about more pain meds she flat out yelled at me stating that I had no idea what I was talking about because Im working in peds (She didnt know that I had worked on med surg and skilled). I told her that I knew what I was talking about not because I was a nurse but because my grandma was in tears and writhing in pain. I try to be a "good" family member and be an advocate at the same time. Ive had a few experiences with nurse even Doctor family members which were good and a few which I was very nervous being the nurse.
  10. Duckyaryj

    Peds/infant stethoscope

    I work at a Peds office I got the littman classic infant stethescope and it is really nice. I got mine on discount (because the entire nursing staff ordered one) for 75$ but they were originally running around 90$ which isnt bad for a good steth.
  11. Ive been an LPN for a year and am looking into different options. I have 6 months experience on a skilled nursing unit, and 6 months as a peds nurse in an office setting. I also have 1 year med surg experience as a tech. I would like to stay in peds but I would like a little more flexible schedule so that I may go back to school at night as hospitals wont hire me for a peds unit. THere are a few home health agencies in the area that deal with peds (the main one is Integrity). What is a normal schedule for hh/private duty in peds? What kind of requirements are needed? Do you know of any good agencies in the KCMO/Independence, MO area? TIA
  12. Duckyaryj

    Trying to find a good stethoscope

    I would go to a nursing supply store or scrub store and try out different ones I would stay away from the double tubing to start out.
  13. Duckyaryj

    Lasik Surgery and Nursing

    mine was arount 2800$ for lasik using the microkeritome and 3200 for the laser knife.
  14. Duckyaryj

    Infant care?

    I know that when the child gets older to tell the parents not to put the child to bed with a bottle to soothe them to sleep, doing so lets the sweet milk set in the mouth and possibly rot the new teeth coming in. Also when the child starts to teeth to take a soft washcloth moistened with water and wipe the new teeth after feedings to prevent tooth rot (kinda like brushing their teeth) Earlier than that I wouldn't worry too much about oral hygiene, If they are worried I would recommend a simple moist washcloth to the gums would be sufficient. Oh and soda does not belong in a sippy cup!
  15. Duckyaryj

    Tattoos on patients

    I have a feeling that this subject has been brought up before....But watching a certain movie made me think about the odd tattoos that we as nurses see when giving our patients care. What are some of the oddest and oddest placed tattoos on patients you've seen... I really haven't seen any particularly odd ones but the one that made me think of this thread was the Daffy Duck with a lawn mower across the pubic area (hint to the particular movie).
  16. Duckyaryj

    Lasik Surgery and Nursing

    I had mine done last march, I didnt miss a day of work (I had it done on a Saturday going to work on Monday). I had major problems wearing contacts due to dry eye and a strong script level and as you know glasses were a PIA on and off the job. The only pain I had was the day of the procedure when I was home, I woke up from my nap with a burning sensation that went away with the moisturizer. I still have halos, dryness, and some occasional blurring but not nearly as much as I did with contacts and glasses. The price wasnt as bad as I thought and because I had a certain type of insurance I got a 20% discount!