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  1. mcbismark

    VA 4 dimensions of nursing

    They asked you to describe your experience, right? You need to tell them how you have impacted 'Nursing' both at the places you've worked and in the field. Published, have you improved health care outside your inside your places of employment as well as outside? Tell them! Good luck, Mark
  2. mcbismark

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    I'm playing hooky from my UA ASBN studies right now; so, I thought I'd try and answer some questions... 1) The interview questions were not difficult; I think they wanted to see how you respond (from what I understand the 1st year they didn't do interviews and found that some of the accepted applicants were not quite suited to be nurses. i.e. communication skills are *really* important in nursing!). 2) Financial aid: lots of this years class took student loans. I didn't but my 401K is is really taking a beating. 3) If you get an offer it will be from 1 hospital and you will owe them the contract time. I did 4 years in the USN so I know about being under an employer's thumb! I think me signing on to the program tells you what I think of the contract stipulations and risks... 4) I stayed at the Lazy 8 motel /www.lazy8motel.com when I was researching the program (inexpensive, clean and relatively close to the school). 5) Good luck with the interviews; I'll be in the reception area if you have a morning interview. Mark P.S. I probably will not have time to get back on here for a while; we have a stiff load of quizzes and tests for the next couple of weeks.
  3. mcbismark

    Summertime in the Valley!

    No pool in the rental house (while in the UA ABSN); but, then again I don't have time for lounging in the pool! :) I thought the boomers would hit yesterday and all we got was wind (woke up to the house stinking of smoke... must have been a brush fire to the East). Looks promising for boomers at about 4pm and now all I see are clear sky and pretty stars... Mark
  4. mcbismark

    University of Arizona ABSN

    Glad you pm'd me... I haven't had a lot of time to visit the site. The new students (I'm one) are busy being stunned by the pace... the students who graduate in Aug are busy writing their final group research projects. Mark
  5. mcbismark

    U of AZ Interview for ASBSN!

    Thanks and congratulations to you too! This summer is going to go by fast and then you'll be done! :) Mark
  6. mcbismark

    Ugh! need topic for Org Theory persuasive paper

    Choose one of your 'procedures or protocols' and make it fit one of the defined categories... that is being persuasive! :) Good luck! Mark
  7. mcbismark

    ASU vs. MCC Really?

    I agree; leadership is the difference. The BSN will be chosen over an ASN when it comes to a position which requires leadership capabilities. I went with U of AZ's 2nd degree program due to this... 14 months to a BSN. Good luck in whichever you choose!
  8. mcbismark

    U of AZ Interview for ASBSN!

    Check your mail today!!! Mark
  9. mcbismark

    Heard of Kingman AZ?

    That is excellent news in both cases... lowering traffic and the cookers ingredients! Mark
  10. mcbismark

    Ultra Mobile PC's

    I like the UMP concept but, I don't know if they'd be functional for me. I need to be able to type or use graffiti on a touch screen and from what have read (on the eee pc) they just doesn't fit me. Then there is the size... they will not fit in a scrub pocket much less a pants pocket. I can see the TX or the new HP 210 but, that is about all I'm willing to carry. good luck, Mark
  11. mcbismark

    Get BSN for free? Or pay for it and be happy?

    IMHO: Get your degree there and then move. 1) No debt is huge: have you really looked at how long you'll be repaying out of state tuition? 2) You don't know how long it would take to get accepted to an out of state school. 3 You don't *really* know you'd love it here in AZ. If you get accepted in AZ and you *hate* the weather you'd then really be stuck! Good luck! Mark
  12. mcbismark

    40 something student applying ASU 1/09!

    I was completing the pre-reqs getting ready to apply to the ASU Polytech program when I found UA's 2nd degree ABSN program. Not only were there fewer pre-reqs (which was a bonus!) I had taken all of them! I found the program last Oct, applied, was accepted and I start Jun 9th. I turn 55 next month and will graduate at 56. So... 40 something doesn't seem like a big deal to me!!! :) Good luck! Mark
  13. mcbismark

    What will you do over summer break?

    I know what I'll be doing... I start the UA ABSN June 9th.... I think I'll be burrowing in the books all summer, and fall, and winter, and spring, and another summer! :) Congrats to those that are finishing and to those who get a summer recovery! :)
  14. mcbismark

    moving to arizona from UK

    Congratulations!!! Mark
  15. mcbismark

    Fall 2008 Acceptance Letter - Estrella Mountain

    American heart association's site has the cpr for health professionals. You can search for classes from the left column. Congrats to all of you! Mark
  16. mcbismark

    U of AZ Interview for ASBSN!

    Great idea! Especially as it sounds like you are going to succeed first! :bowingpur Mark