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so what do you guys wear?? i start clinicals next week and im not sure what to buy...... Read More

  1. by   West_Coast_Ken
    I'm wearing a pair of Merrell Topo Moc Pro's myself.

    The Nike Shox look nice and I might try 'em but check the soles of the Shox model you are considering. I have seen some that have tons of cracks and crevasses (and some that rather smooth). Don't know about you, but if I accidentally step in a pts glop of choice, I don't want any of it hiding in a difficult place to clean on my shoes.


  2. by   onconurseRT
    :imbar Ok.. Im a girl.. but I would suggest some shoes with a good sturdy top to them and not a mesh top. I used to wear my brand of shoe that I use for my running training- NO PROBLEMS... until last week when I started my rounds in the AM a SCD (Seq. compression device) foot machine feel off of a bed and broke my right foot.:selfbonk: I'll be going with a more "protectant shoe" when I head back to work........


    ... ya really want to know what the funny part is.... The patient had this machine on his bed and he was a Bilat. lower ext. knee ampt. of many years ago.:uhoh21: :uhoh21: --- I'm just wondering how the hospital will bill the use of the machine to the patient's insurance company... can you say AUDIT!

    Good Luck
  3. by   ansturge
    where have you all found white nike shox?
  4. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from ansturge
    where have you all found white nike shox?
    I looked at www.nike.com and searched for Shox.

  5. by   Ekklesia
    Quote from blee1
    so what do you guys wear?? i start clinicals next week and im not sure what to buy...
    Pretty much anything I can find in a size 16. Not much selection available.
  6. by   Roy Fokker

    I bought something from Payless.

    Have regretted it ever since. But then again, a starving student can't really choose!

    I hope I find something comfy for my feet! I'll keep this thready in mind when I get a job and need to find shoes for me feet
  7. by   ptadvocate81
    I wear Klogs to work in and Dr. Scholl's for school. They are ugly, but after a 12 hour day, your feet will thank you. I also own Z Coils and they are wonderful once you get them broken in, but careful! The springs are bad to grab IV tubing and will "Tug" out a line in a matter of seconds! Best wishes!
  8. by   Nursing Eyes
    i amazed ( u dont know what u must wear )

    sorry i cannt help when I tracel USA i will advice u about that
  9. by   NurseWilliam
    Quote from blee1
    so what do you guys wear?? i start clinicals next week and im not sure what to buy...
    I wear Adidas or Spalding running shoes. Great arch support and heel/toe cushioning. I tried Klogs and hated them. They kept flying off my feet when I responded to codes, and I got tired of arriving sans one shoe.

    I also get my shoes from a discount sporting goods store. There is usually something decent on sale.
  10. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Quote from West_Coast_Ken
    I looked at www.nike.com and searched for Shox.

    I have looked on there but they do not have ALL WHITE shox. Like the top is white, but the bottom part is a different color. I am looking for the same thing too. Our shoes have to be all white. I have even tried to personalize my own shox on their website, but all white was not an option. Does anyone else know where to get them?
  11. by   gwt
    Just got a pair of New Balance 811's, inserted high end gell...total of 80 bucks for next weeks clinicals. Most comfortable shoes I own and they are sneakers disquised as white shoes. Made right in Maine. Find them in an athletic footware store near you!
  12. by   Great Dane
    I wear sandals, like Teva sandals.
    Are there rules that you must wear shoes? - there aren't in Denmark
    I once tried with shoes on and it's just too hot.
    The ones that dont wear sandals wear, I don't know the word for it, but those type of shoes santaclaus also wears - offcourse they are made of rubber and leather instead of wood, but anyway. I don't think they are very comfortable, so I don't like those either.
    I'm a sandal-man. Offcourse they have the disadvantage that if you get some disgusting stuff (blood, vomit, urin etc) on you it hits the feet, and not just the shoe
  13. by   ChadleyNC
    I had to find a comfortable pair of all white shoes in a 13. Not too much of a problem, but try seeking them out with width of a 4E.

    I love New Balance shoes and they fit me like a glove but I don't like any of their all white styles, so I went with a Wide Width Klogz Closed back shoe. It's rubber, and stretchy and they don't hurt my feet much til I take em off, and 2 days in a row is even worse. They stretch but not really far enough. I would love to be able to afford a pair or Birkies to use and have them custom fit but hell, ya do what you can afford and at this point that aint a lot. LOL