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West_Coast_Ken is a BSN, RN and specializes in Case Manager, Home Health.


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  1. West_Coast_Ken

    Interested in the VA

    Well it does take a LONG time to get hired. The position I applied for had a closing date of January 22, 2010. I was interviewed Feb 3. I've been doing their "additional paperwork" (referal verification, VetPro, etc) since they said they were interested in hiring me (no written offer yet, however). Just yesterday I finally had my pre-employment physical and fingerprinting. Still awaiting on the drug screen, TB test, oh...yeah, and the official offer. Way slow... Don't hold your breath and don't give up! Ken, RN 1 year Cardiac Floor 1 year Trauma ER 1 year Intermediate/Neuro
  2. West_Coast_Ken

    VA Hiring

    Checking the link on the VA Travel Nurse Corps web site for "Open Positions" returns the following message: "We're sorry. You cannot apply to this job as it has been removed from the site." So it appears the hiring freeze is here, also. Additionally, these positions are (were) temporary assignments, not a full time job with benefits, etc.
  3. West_Coast_Ken

    Telemetry for New Grad?

    Hi Pacificwhales, Thank you for the well (whale?) wishes! I'm moving downstairs to the ER next week so I begin orientation all over again, but at least I have the cardiac part of ER pretty well under my belt (I know the basics, can read a rhythm, know cardiac meds, etc). Regarding moving back to Redding, CA in Telemetry or any other position there simply are ZERO jobs here at either of the two hospitals in town. Census is off about 40% from last year, overtime is forbidden, and even the local college RN grads were offered NO jobs this recent class and it is going to get worse as the economy gets worse. I'm sorry to share this bad news. There might be RN jobs in other areas (SNF, Rehab hospital, dialysis, etc) but even those are likely to be impacted due to no jobs at the hospitals. PM me if you have further questions. Ken
  4. West_Coast_Ken

    Diagnosis Wenckebach- YouTube video

    Even if you are not a "cardiac girl"?? How about the "cardiac boys"? I thought it was very funny. Regards, Ken (a cardiac guy)
  5. West_Coast_Ken

    Thougts on Santa Clara Valley Med?

    you're all set then. personally, i chose to develop skills that will benefit all of my pts and not a select few who have many opportunities to help themselves in that area. i didn't get into this field to teach english nor learn spanish. it's about medical skills to me.
  6. West_Coast_Ken

    Mental health pt in ER...

    Which ER pts AREN'T mental health pts? [sorry, couldn't help it...] At our small community hospital we hold mental health pts for a county mental health worker eval and then transport to a facility that worker has found who will take the pt.
  7. West_Coast_Ken


    i don't care if it's required or not, i want to have it (and i do already as a student). next up, pals.
  8. West_Coast_Ken

    Thougts on Santa Clara Valley Med?

    Sadly, the best advise, especially at that hospital and the ER, is to learn Spanish (which by the way I REFUSE to do for several reasons). Good luck.
  9. West_Coast_Ken

    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    i'm sure law enforcement officers know what code and section of the law they are arresting a suspect under and whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony charge. that's kinda basic law enforcement 101 stuff.
  10. West_Coast_Ken

    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    I dropped by the local ED and spoke with one of the RN Supervisors there and she said hospital policy allows for a forced blood draw, but only if the person is charged with a felony.
  11. West_Coast_Ken

    Family/ Visitors in the ER

    I don't know what it is at the hospital I am doing clinicals at, but either there isn't one or it isn't enforced. A few weeks ago we counted 8 people in one tiny room not counting the pt. It was actually getting noticeably warm in there from the bodies. This lady was clearly loved, but come on folks! Turns out her pacemaker was tweaked recently and the durn thing fired several times and the whole world thought she was going to die. I guess they wanted to watch her die, too. (She didn't and was just fine.)
  12. West_Coast_Ken

    choosing a Practicum senior year

    Cool idea, Larry. I think that would have been a good idea--if I had thought of it. Since I didn't think of that idea I am currently doing mine in the ER, however, my preceptor is cross training in the ICU and she said I am welcome to do a few rotations with her there, too. I'm going to wait until the end of my ER preceptorship to do that so at least she'll have a few weeks there before I join her. She's still doing ER, too, and she's a Dialysis RN at a clinic in town, so I guess I kinda am doing this with a non-float nurse!
  13. West_Coast_Ken

    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    hi ann, thank you for your reply. this is an interesting situation. in this case there was no injury. it was a "minor" hit and run and the suspect was apprehended afterward. he was brought to the er for medical clearance to go to jail (tetanus, etc) and there was no need for other medical treatment so a blood draw was not needed (other than for the dui issue). there were 8 police and they screamed at the rn to "draw his blood" "you can not refuse to take his blood", etc. the rn refused to do this since the patient did not consent to the procedure.
  14. West_Coast_Ken

    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    i'm in the last semester of my rn program in california and an issue came up at one of our clinical er sites regarding forced blood draws for dui (driving under the influence) and i wanted to get input from other rns regarding their state, hospital and what your laws are regarding such issues. so, what is the protocol for your hospital regarding forced blood draws (where the person does not consent)? who initiates, who approves, who signs, who does it, under what specific conditions, is it ever allowed, can the rn refuse, etc, etc? thanks everyone! ken
  15. West_Coast_Ken

    Has anyone here had to do clinicals in OB

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me, in fact I was asked to leave one pts room and a few minutes later in walked the male doc, no problem at all. Our OB clinical instructor said a lot has to do with how the pt is approached. She doesn't ask the pt, rather she says "This is ___ and he is a nursing student and he will be working with you today." If they object, the assignment is changed, but the pt isn't asked some dumb thing like "Can this MALE student watch, hummm?" Don't ask 'em, tell 'em and be professional.
  16. West_Coast_Ken

    Nursing Informatics

    no insult taken in the least. (that's one huge drawback with online communications...misinterpretations are rampant.) you said you were assigned the con side, right? i was giving you some con "arguments" is all. my point is that both positions, registered nurse and information technologist, are very highly skilled positions that require years and years of education and training to become proficient. it does a disservice to both professions to say because an rn wants to get into it that her rn experience is a huge piece of what it takes. that is not correct in my opinion. it professionals work with massively complex systems (and i am talking large corporate systems not some departmental lan) and usually it takes entire teams of very seasoned professionals to design, install and maintain properly. just taking an rn and putting her into an it role is little more than bestowing a title. it will take a very long time for an rn to become proficient as a well rounded information technologist for the reasons i mentioned in my earlier posts.