Extremely Sore Feet!! HELP

  1. I have tried so many nursing and tennis shoes to try and alleviate my extremely sore feet. I am limping by hour 8 and can hardly walk out after my shifts. I have gotten many recommendations but nothing seems to help.

    I have tried dansko, sketchers, alegria, nike, and asic running shoes. Im tried of spending so much money on shoes. But NOTHING seems to help and I have no idea what to do. If theres anyone else out there with feet that can't seem to handle 12 hour shifts who has found a shoe that works please help me out here!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Visit a Good Feet Store and spend the $$ for custom orthotics. They saved my daughter's career. PLUS, you can put them in any shoes you want except flip-flops. Are you overweight? Because that is sometimes part of the equation.
  4. by   TenerifeSea
    Thats a great idea thank you.... I will search for one in my area! Im not, only about 100 pounds lol
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from TenerifeSea
    Thats a great idea thank you.... I will search for one in my area! Im not, only about 100 pounds lol
    She got hers probably ten years ago and still has the same original orthotics- pricy but worth it. Are you sure you don't have plantar fasciitis?
  6. by   llg
    Have you seen a doctor (orthopedist or podiatrist) about your foot problems? Maybe there is a reason for you extreme pain that can be fixed -- or at least made easier to manage with treatment.

    I've been twice in my career by podiatrists (several years apart) and had great success both times.
  7. by   jodispamodi
    I had Adidas that I was able to do anything in, I once walked 20 miles (literally) in them with no blisters and no feet soreness. I have some foot problems, and a bad leg (previous traumatic injury), and I've found that running shoes are what give my feet the most relief, I try to find the ones that have the springs or heel floats, them seem to work best, my feet can still get tired, but nothing like they do in flat shoes/sneakers etc. I'm cheap and l like to spend about $50. on sneaks but I have $150. feet,lol. I've also heard good things about Merrils but haven't tried them yet. Right now I have a pair of Reebok hiking sneakers that feel great for a long work day, unlike my memory foam Nikes that have no arch support. I'll shop for days for the right pair of sneaks. I am hard to sell sneakers too, lol. Good luck.
  8. by   JKL33
    I was going to suggest visiting a smaller shoe store where the employees are well-versed in the particulars of the lines they carry, the inserts they sell, etc; they usually have personal fitness interests also. They may do gait analysis and various measurements and observations to suggest a shoe. If you've thus far just tried random shoes, I think there is hope that making an inquiry about some more technical aspects of shoes might yield good results.

    I think the above ideas are excellent places to start, though.

    Good luck - I'm sure it's miserable with the amount of walking and standing we do. Hope you find something ASAP!
  9. by   TenerifeSea
    I'm definitely going to go to Good Feet! I am not sure, now that you say that though it reminded me that my mom does have plantar factitious! It would be worth checking out
  10. by   NurseSpeedy
    I walked in and out of Good Feet with my husband over a decade ago. Starting price back then was almost a grand for insoles. Unless the prices have come down, oh hell no!

    I have really bad feet, knees, back, etc. I'm definitely not overweight. BMI of just under 19. Steroids killed my bones and I have multiple healed knee fractures (didn't know I had them until an MRI showed them), spinal stenosis, and a foot that had half the ball of tests foot removed due to an unhealing fracture. It still swells up to this day 5 Years post-op.

    A couple suggestions. If there's any swelling, a good pair of knee high support hose from a medical supply store. They are like stronger TED hose that can be washed. I couldn't get my foot out of a shoe in the first year. These helped so much.

    Second, there are two brands of shoes I can use. ECHO running and Brooks running. The first is a little steeper priced but worked better with my swelling. They worked better on carpet floors though (at an ALF). They didn't do so hot on hard flooring (hospital). Swelling has come down some now and can fit into Brooks. These I can do 14 hour days and not have sore feet. Price point a little over $100 if I remember correctly. I also use them for working out. The first pair lasted me 4 years. One second pair for a year now so they do last a lot longer than typically recommended.

    Other than that my husband had plantar fasciitis. Got a pair of insoles from podiatrist for $60. Lasts six months. Was able to use FSA account to pay for it. He also received a steroid shot that helped. Of course I'm not giving medical advice, but it wouldn't hurt to see a podiatrist or orthopedic doctor for possible (non surgical) fixes.
  11. by   TenerifeSea
    Wow! Over a grand? That might be a little out of the budget for awhile. I actually have heard amazing things about Brooks sneakers and have seen lots of ladies wearing them on the floor. I am going on a new insurance plan soon and will certainly be scheduling a podiatrist appointment, but until then I'm going to look into Brooks! Thank you for your advice!
  12. by   AngelKissed857
    I had the same problem, did the Good Feet thing, $400. late- still in pain. Went to the doctor and I have plantar fascitis. One session with the physical therapist, and it is all good 99% of these time. There are three stretches I have to do, takes minutes, can be done anywhere, anytime. Honestly felt like a miracle! She also had start using the orange Superfoot insoles Amazon- about $45.). Honestly fixed a several year long issue, I felt completely crippled.
  13. by   AnnieNP
    Definitely get an appointment with a Podiatrist for a proper exam. As others have suggested, you may have a problem that can be fixed!!!!
  14. by   KeeperMom
    If your feet are hurting that much, it may not be the shoes but the fit. I have wide feet and an "off the shelf" shoe will never fit me. I see others with their feet crammed into ill-fitting shoes all the time and it makes me so sad!

    If you have a Fleet Feet or other running store in your area, I'd get them to give you a good fit analysis.