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  1. What made your jaw drop

    Totally agree, what was the lockout dose on the PCA?
  2. Anyone Knowledgeable Here About Medicare/Insurance?

    Thats not exactly true, I've done alot of training r/t and your patient should talk to an experienced elder law/estate planning lawyer. Also many people who go past the 100 days either self pay for additional services, or get services through the sta...
  3. better days

    Good for you! Sometimes good things come from bad.
  4. Geri-Psych Admissions: Where's the Line?

    when I worked on geri-psych we took patients with dementia all the time, it seemed if someone with a medical dx had a comorbidity of dementia they ended up on our unit. But each geropysch unit has their own criteria about who is appropriate for that ...
  5. It would be interesting to know how many patients were referred to her by other doctors, and how many patients self-referred, I'm sure some who saw the videos probably considered her as a "down to earth" doctor who was "fun", but ignorance is bliss. ...
  6. Don't trust my FNP

    Find another doctor... Has he had any exposure to ticks? may be worth testing for tick borne diseases
  7. I trained and worked as a Surgical Tech, and very interesting that if the people who were gowned and gloved in the 10 seconds of video I saw were actually involved in the surgical procedure because they violated sterility up down and sideways. The on...
  8. Annoyed by commercial

    And it also has to be factored in that patients ard much more acute than they were years ago. These days, and in the span of my career, unless you'rd a self paying plastics patient, you have to be pretty sick to get admitted to a floor
  9. Annoyed by commercial

    In my time on my current unit I can count on one hand the number of lunch breaks I've gotten.
  10. I agree with Libby, checking her back and neck would have taken at most a couple of minutes, just lifting the shirt and hair, but that also would not have been a thorough check... The original tick was on her leg, why check just the back and neck tho...
  11. Gloves required for ALL oral meds.

    At my facility we wear gloves when giving meds, but one pair as the package is opened into the med cup. OP your hospitals policy is excessive and makes me think that either they have a pending lawsuit from an employee who was exposed to some med (ora...
  12. Annoyed by commercial

    Exactly... and my facilty has required staffing levels BUT I wouldn't call them SAFE staffing levels... BTW, the poster who wrote about nurses making gads of money. I've never broken over the mid-forties/yr as a nurse. I know some make who do make bi...
  13. Annoyed by commercial

    If I had the millions of dollars required to produce, make, and air a commercial? Sure.
  14. Annoyed by commercial

    I think the terminology I saw was "chronically understaffed hospital" and relates to the CoPs through medicare and medicaid. Just google medicare and chronic understaffing, it should bring links that mention it.
  15. Annoyed by commercial

    I'm not sure about links, I'll hunt around. What I have seen clearyly with my own two eyes were notices put up at several hospitals in the "legal info" area (where they put required labor notices from the state, etc) saying that if a hospital was "co...