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I've had it. My feet hate me. After another long day in the OR they are ready to sue for divorce. I need some new shoes!! This time I'm prepared to spend some money to get a really decent... Read More

  1. by   bettyboop_nurse
    i had the same problems with clogs ... Like they stuck to the floor like suction cups!
  2. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from bettyboop_nurse
    i had the same problems with clogs ... Like they stuck to the floor like suction cups!
    I hope the crocs, I just ordered, don't do this.
  3. by   jajwalker05
    What about Nurse Mates???
  4. by   lovehospital
    I personally love Nurse mates.They are extremely comfortable.
    Sometimes nurses or nursing assistants ask me where I purchased them.
    They tend to be expensive though like around 75 $

    Also I love Dockers especially clogs.Oh my God they do wonders for your feet.They cost about 45 dollars,love them.
  5. by   thatpasunshine
    let me recommend a brand called earthshoes.... my podiatrist suggested them and i am not exaggerating when i say they changed my life...
  6. by   daisy87
    I am pretty happy with New Balance. I'm on my 3rd pair from them, about to buy more (I get them buy one, get one half off at Famous Footwear). My chiropractor got me started on them...she also gave me the tip that the higher numbers they are more supportive.

    I've also found that wearing TED hose keeps my feet a LOT more comfortable!!
  7. by   yousoldtheworld
    Nursemates KILLED my feet.

    It might be the way I walk, or the fact that I'm overweight (most likely a combo of the two), but all of the stiff shoes that people rave about (nursemates, danskos, etc) are terrible on my feet. I spent a ton of money on a pair of each, and both hurt my feet within 10 minutes of putting them on, even after trying different sizes and allowing weeks to "break in".

    I need/prefer something with good cushioning. I don't like sneakers because of the way they rub...I flex my feet a lot when I walk. I have the best luck with Crocs...brand name only, no knockoffs. I like the Specialist ugly holes on top, and they come in true white. They have better arch support than the "beach" type Crocs and are not obnoxious looking. They have a good heel strap and are slightly thicker to protect your metatarsals.

    I found mine for 23 bucks and it was the best 23 bucks I've spent in a long time.
  8. by   The Hated Consultant
    I just found Merrell shoes. Oh. My. God.

    I will never buy another brand or type of shoe to work in. They are so comfortable and have so much support.

    They were originally designed for hikers, so they're made to be durable.

    Trust me; buy once, cry once.
  9. by   mcknis
    I just had to go buy a new pair today and ended up with the Asics 2130's. Feel fairly comfortable so far and bought them from Finish Line. Never been before, but I do like the selection/staff. The shoes I just wore out were the Asics Nimbus 10's. Those were comfortable but after about 7-8 months, a hole started to develop on the mesh part of the top of the shoe. Argh! So an excuse to rotate some shoes was in place.
  10. by   VegasSummers
    It seems that everyone has said they love their Danskos and Crocs and I definitely LOVE my Danskos. I know they can be quite expensive but if you happen to be able to find a Nordstrom Rack by your area they often get in Crocs for <$20 and Danskos for $30-40 depending on the color (I've been able to find 2 pairs of black and white ones for $34). Happy shopping
  11. by   justiceforjoy
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    Well then they can pay me WC for a strained back, stressed knees and plantar fascitis...

    If they want to dictate the type of shoe I can wear, they can purchase it for me. Otherwise, I'm protecting my feet, legs and back.
    The reason they have been banned here is actually in part due to back injuries. They are considered a major slipping and tripping hazard. If your crocs cause you to fall and injure yourself in BC, you will not be covered by WCB.
  12. by   MultipRN
    I switch between the Dansko Professional and the C&C Sweden clog. I love both. The Dansko is solid support, and the C&C is a little softer (and pretty, as well!). The both cost about the same.
  13. by   moseshopper
    I love the feel of crocs however after 12 hrs on the floor, the nent day i can hardly work. They have no support, i'm afaird we are going to fine they are going to be very bad for our feet in the long run.
    Where i work in hospital we can not wear crocs with the holes because of jacho and ins.