Best Scrubs for the Money?

  1. I'm sure this has been a topic thoroughly discussed. I chose to buy nice scrubs, I enjoy looking professional and enjoy having nice scrubs. I spend a lot of time in them as a CNA, and will as a future nurse, so I see them as an investment.

    Does anyone else who wears Koi, find them to wear in the crotch/upper leg area? Makes me so mad, as they are $30 or so each. The tops, no problem.

    What do nurses prefer in brands? I find Walmart to last the longest, yet be the cheapest! I just bought a pair of MedCouture, so I'll be curious how those fare.

    Opinions? What scrubs do you love?
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  3. by   theantichick
    I adore Aviator Scrubs the quality is amazing and you can get pockets and pockets configured many ways.
  4. by   nrsang97
    I find koi scrubs super short in the crotch. I like dickies gen flex.
  5. by   sfitz21
    I love greys anatomy scrubs. Cons: They are kind of pricey. Pros:very soft and comfortable and last forever.
  6. by   sbostonRN
    I have one pair of Med Couture and I absolutely love them. I can move in every which way and it feels like I'm wearing nothing...they just move with me. And the pants are the perfect length. I just wish they weren't so pricey.

    Koi tends to be too low-rise in the pants for my body type. I like Walmart scrub tops but the pants fit me weird.
  7. by   PalmettoNurseOR
    I like Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch for my tops and Grey's Anatomy for my bottoms.
  8. by   RInursingstudent
    Quote from nrsang97
    I find koi scrubs super short in the crotch. I like dickies gen flex.
    Yes! Maybe that is why they wear so easily.
  9. by   bargraphix
    I like greys anatomy or buttersoft both are very comfortable
  10. by   cjdmomma
    I just bought 2 more pair of the Koi Lindsey pant.... I love them so much. I am 5 foot and fluffy, they have a petite that fit me fantastic. I have no use for any other pant brand.

    They do wear between my legs... but my thighs rub together, so I expect that.
  11. by   RInursingstudent
    Mine do too .
  12. by   DisneyLoveRN
    I love Koi, but we wear Navy, and I find mine fading. I do love my Grey's Anatomy. Dickies too. I have to find petite, so my options are limited. Being in peds, I always find great tops at WalMart.
  13. by   applesxoranges
    The only issue is that most hospitals are moving towards a color scheme so I wouldn't count on wearing your scrubs past your CNA days unless you plan on working in either an office or a nursing home.
  14. by   macgirl
    I swear by Landau, long lasting, soft and not too pricey. Koi wears out due to rubbing and the type of fabic. Grey's tends to just as soft.