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Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Raggmop02
    Quote from gladtobeOB
    Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.
    Has anyone of you tried Klogs. I like them the best. They are very comfortable. I worked as a transport orderly in my day and these shoes got me through my shifts nicely. they are not as heavy as dansko and they are very cushy feeling. good luck on your search.
  2. by   Reebles
    I am an Alegria junkie. I have 7 pairs so far and LOVE them.
  3. by   Indy
    Update time! I bought those birkenstocks in june of last year and seven months later my feet finally got achy last week. Mind you, it's right in the middle of flu season and I'm working my patootie off. I was having a lot of trouble finding their shoes with the soft footbed, so I looked again and found birki's clogs with a convertible strap thing, wear front or at the back of the foot, in soft footbed and heaven be praised, in WHITE. Finally. They came in yesterday and they fit and feel good, I will be wearing them starting tomorrow. They were also forty bucks cheaper than the black shoes.
  4. by   rn_abbey
    Alegrias for me as well
  5. by   Chiggysmom
    Where did you buy the soft footbed Birkenstock in white?
  6. by   Indy
    Quote from Chiggysmom
    Where did you buy the soft footbed Birkenstock in white?
    From amazon. I know my size, so I looked up "birkenstock soft footbed" and that was one of the top dozen or so choices. I wore them the first time last night. They are birko's, which is a slightly different footbed, but still squooshy-ish. I think I like them, but I think they might not be an every single shift, type of shoe. I will alternate them with my black birkenstocks if my feet get overly tired. The arch seems, not as high or as firm as the regular birkenstocks.
  7. by   SaltRN
    I overpronate and have plantar fasciitis. I bought a white pair of sneakers from Mephisto because theyre comfortable (expensive). But they didn't help the shooting shin pain and burning sensation I would get after 12 hours standing.

    I just started wearing Alegria Women's Debra Slip-On and I think I might be able to retire from nursing after all. I bought mine from the shoemall website, but a few online store carry them...
  8. by   stardust80916
    Try Sketchers Snapdragon. They're very comfy and have great support, especially if you have higher arches.
  9. by   WillaDawn
    Without a doubt, Nursemates ~ Dove. I'm on my 3rd pair. Yep, they look like 'dorky' shoes, but I have happy feet!
  10. by   littlebit_rn
    I love my Dansko clogs and I have narrow feet with a history of high ankle sprain, knee and back issues and Achilles tendonitis. One thing I would say is make sure to try them on, each shoe is a little different and I have three pairs in two different sizes because they can be different. I have been a nurse for 14 years and have tried every shoe out there with this being my favorite, that being said everyone needs to find their own but remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes!
  11. by   Geslina
    I have thrown away some pretty pricey nurses shoes that didn't hold up in the comfort department. Now I most wear Nike New Balance with no problems at all - and I am up and running all night. I just bought a new pair of shoes though, Sketchers GoWalk...they are these little lightweight slip on walking shoes, and my gosh, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I have not tested them at work yet, though...not sure how good they would be for all the floor pounding I do...and they are just thin leather on the tops and sides, and with the residents always running over my feet with their W/Chairs, that could be a problem. They might be better for nurses who are not always on their feet or running from room to room. I urge everyone to check them out, though - even for "real life". They truly are amazing. And very cute.
  12. by   Biosciencegeek
    Asics gel lyte iii. Works the best for me. They're a bit pricey, but well worth it.