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Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.


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The new thing seems to be the Alegrias. :) I just bought a pair - I'm still not completely sold on them. I can't wear the Danskos - they are SOOO heavy on my feet!

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I have a pair of z-coils and they are well worth the money.

Just started wearing a pair of Akesso ( Skye mule style) shoes. They are light weight, comfortable and easy to wear even on a 12 hour shift.

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I have low back and knee issues I like to wear Orthaheels...very supportive and comfy.

Nothing beats alegria.....go on

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Sanitas! Similar to Dansko.

Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.


DANSKO by far. Prior to becoming a nurse I was a flight attendant spending up to 18 hours a day on my feet at 35,000 feet where most people's feet swell. Dankso's are not only comfortable but they are good for your feet/back. They provide good support for the arches. I have painful bunions as well and I can wear these shoes all day and my feet never hurt. Make sure if you get them that you are fitted properly. They do not fit like normal shoes. They are a clog with a back and the heel of your foot is meant to lift out of the shoe. The shoe should be a loose fitting shoe not tight. They also last forever. I have one pair that are over 10 years old and still look great. I wear them in my every day life as well. They come in every color imaginable. Not the prettiest looking shoe, but worth every penny you spend on them. When you first put them on they feel weird. They are heavy. But wear them for a day or two and you will be hooked. If for some reason you don't like them, they will take them back. Great company to deal with.

I also wear Alegrias and buy them at the above mentioned link due to the great sales. I have tried so many different shoes and these baby my feet. It's all a matter of personal taste though. What works for one person won't work for you. It may be an expensive search! Danskos kill my feet and I used to wear them. But I found out that they are now outsourced to China and a different last is used to make them. Good luck!

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I tried Danskos at home for a week before returning them; as many have said here, I found them too hard, extremely heavy, and loose (I have narrow feet to start with and hate that feeling of walking out of my shoes). Then I tried Merrells but didn't get the arch support I needed. I ended up with Alegria open-backed T-strap clogs; I have had great luck with them. They do make my feet sweat, but even the open-backed clog stays on because the inside is leather and "sticks" to my socks just enough. My feet did not hurt at all at the end of an 8-hour shift, which is saying something! They have a nice arch support without being too hard.

All that said, I know a LOT of nurses who have good luck with Danskos; others have recommended Klogs, Sanitas, even those Skechers Shape-Ups! Try on lots of shoes in a GOOD shoe store; even if you don't buy them there, you need to try on shoes and walk around. Walk quickly, slowly, jog as if you're running to a patient's room, stand in one place, etc. Think about how much support you like--I was able to tell the salesman that I can't wear Birkenstocks at all because the support is too extreme, and he showed me the Alegrias as an alternative.

You could also try sneakers; I had a sneaker-style shoe in school (had to be white) and had no problems, but I prefer a clog that can be wiped off easily.

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Do the Alegria's roll easily? I am scared to wear dansko's and other similar clogs with a high heel because I have a habit of rolling my ankles.

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Your work shoes should be the best fitting, most comfortable footwear you own. Fit is much more important than brand. Each company sizes their products slightly differently, and the most popular brand will not fit all feet equally well. A great shoe that is too tight, or that slips, slides, and gives you blisters, is not a great shoe for you. The most common mistake is buying shoes too small. Your feet "spread out" during a long shift, so the size that works for everyday wear may be too small for work. I suggest shopping after you have finished a shift, when your feet are "big." And, never buy a shoe with the expectation that it will stretch after you buy it. Your shoes should feel great the first time you wear them. If they do not, keep looking, regardless of how well rated the brand is.

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