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Was there a waiting list for the schools you applied to? If so how long was it.




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No waiting list at mine the year I applied. It was a fairly new sattelite program of a major university... however applications are picking up and I heard that there were some that were turned away this year. There is no waiting list... you either get in or you don't and then you start the application process all over again.

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I applied to several schools. 2 of them had no waiting list. They attempt to accomodate as many students as qualify for the program. Actually, I don't think any of them have an actual waiting list--just a "we take only XX people each semester" policy.

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hi - we had a waiting list of about a year. I was one of 99 out of 340 applicants that got accepted this spring. And thats with me having nothing left to take but clinicals. all pre req's done.Didn't realize it was THAT competitive here (upstate ny)


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At my school, they accept 40 per semester, and I think 80 something applied last semester.


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Hey Kelly - just noticed you were from KC! What school are you applying to, if you don't mind me asking? I am going to MWSC in St. Joe.:cool:

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None at mine....it seems they don't carry the list over from one semester to another. If you don't get in the first semester you have to reapply the next.


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None at my school either...was really first come first serve as long as you had all the pre-req's done and shots and CPR certifications and you had the right answers with your interview with the DON. Accepted 70 out of 90 apps. Now after first semester 55 left in class. Only second semester student. Good luck!!!


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My school requires you to take the NET test (nurse entrance exam). About 300 people a year take the test and they only accept 70. I heard they are dropping the number down to 60 for fall semester 2003. :o They require a composite score of 100 on the test and give you points for completing pre-requesite classes. I'm getting ready to take the test in Feb. I need all the prayers I can get. Good luck to you with your program. :)

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Wow tabbeycatt---you have to get a perfect score on the NET test? The average score is a 64. At my school you only need a 50 or better.

My school is just starting to have a waiting list as they have doubled the amount of students they usually accept. We are a class of 120, split up among 4 campuses. So 30 at each campus. I applied in September & got in for January. I was told I probably wouldn't get in until August, but I guess with having all of my other classes out of the way & mostly all A's, it helped me get in sooner. I know our program for LPN's has a waiting list where you can't even expect to get in until 2004. I imagine the RN program would have been the same if they did not make room for 60 more students. No interviews were necessary.



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For my program, there isn't a waiting list.....exactly. What they do is accept 100 full time students and then roughly 20 part time students. If you are accepted part time, you attend part time for two semesters and then you join the full time students for your final 3 semesters. By that point, enough full time students have either quit or failed out that there are open spots----I hope that made sense.


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no, there isn't a waiting list where i am. you must reapply each year you do not make it.

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