Nursing school.... is just a bunch of BUSY WORK?

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Wow what school do you go to??? Nothing we do at my school is busy work at all!!! Everything we do is relevant and as frustrating and time consuming as the work can be I've learned so much from it!! I truly feel bad that so many of you feel you're wasting so much time on worthless assignments!!!

I think that some work in nursing school is or at least seems like busy work. However, the thing is...after you have to do something 1,234,673 times (care plans, anyone?), it starts to sink in. For example, I do not enjoy having to write out the class, action, name, side effects, normal dosage, etc. on E V E R Y drug my patients take, but I found out that now when someone says, "What the heck is ________ (insert drug here) used for?"...I actually know the answer sometimes! So maybe it is busywork, but I think it has a purpose.


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For me its not just busy work, its learning to think like the professors think :angryfire.


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For the most part right now our main grades come from exams. For clinicals we have a few papers with common patient problems or rights. Then we have care plans and other clinical paperwork. We don't really have a lot of busy work per say.


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yep..bunch of busywork

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Honey, it's true. Most of this stuff you can just flush down the nearest toilet once you graduate because you will never see it again. Now, having said that, the basic care skills, medication administration skills and safety skills that you learned, stick with that. It will save your butt.


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Totally. We've spent a total of (literally) 20 hours of class time in our accelerated program working on poster boards and mundane paperwork.


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Sorry to disagree with you on this but I think it is a rather good assignment. It teaches you to look at everything in the painting and to draw your conclusions from it, much like what we have to do with our own patients every time we walk into that room. Also if I had a day where I had to go to the art museum and relax for a day looking at some good art, I would be more than ok with it and take it as a day to stop, relax, breathe and refocus in the middle and prep for the end of the semester.

Well I have to say i'd rather spend my clinical day getting to touch actual patients then look at paintings. If I really cared about looking at paintings, I could go to the museum on my day off. I'd much rather develop my critical thinking and assesment skills on patients.

We're only getting five days of actual hands on patient care this semester so it irritates me that they're taking a clinical day to do this assignment just so that they can put in the syllabus that they are meeting their "core value" of humanties for this course.

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