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  1. amaxiechRN2011

    Anxiety getting the best of me....

    Not sure where to start.... I suffer from major anxiety. My anxieties are now getting the best of me, and making it difficult to function. I get anxious about speaking in front of an audience big or small. As of late I get so anxious my speech becomes incoherent and sometimes have difficulty putting a sentence together. I fear that I will be judge and people will notice that I am anxious, which makes me speak faster. I went to see a psychiatrist who gave me a prescription for anxiety meds, but I am afraiad to take it because I read that it causes weight gain and a trick load of other side effects. I also had a seizure 2 years ago, which is another raeson I am somewhat fearfull of taking any meds. Is anyone here taking Anxiety meds? Please share your experiece.
  2. amaxiechRN2011

    How would solve this.....

    I am trying to explain this to student friend of mine but I am not a good teacher, please advise. Order: Streptomycin 400mg IM Label: Streptomycin 1 g dry powder Recon: Add 3/2 mL sterile water for injection to yield 250mg/mL Please show the steps.....thanks Order: Ampi 350 mg IM Label: Ampi 2 grams dry powder Recon: Add 6.8 mL sterile water for injection and mix well. After recon, the total volume will be 8 mL
  3. amaxiechRN2011

    The Nursing Math Thread

    Order: Sodium Methicillin 750 mg IM Label: Sodium Methicillin 1 g dry powder Reconstitution: add 1.5 mL sterile water for injection to yield 0.5g/mL How would you guys solve this. Please show me the steps.
  4. amaxiechRN2011

    I am such a dissapointment.........

    Quick update............. Spoke with Asst Dean at school today, I asked that we go over my final and all 4 unit exams. Thank Goodness I did that, because we were able to find the error. Each student is given a print out of each exam grade, reflecting overall grade versus overall question; Well the print out I was given for unit exam 3, which showed me receiving an 84.5, was not the in my record. My record had me failing that unit exam with a 76.5. The Dean called the program chair who couldn't explain how this happen, but claimed that they have students input the data in the records so he/she couldv'e made the error. The Dean pulled out my exact exam and sure enough I had an 84.5, which means I PASS !!!! I barely made it, but I did. I PASS ya'll, I can't believe it. I truly feel GOD turn it around for me and I am so grateful. Thank you again everyone, for pushing me to speak with the school and for your kind words. I am also going to take the advice of the poster that sugessted I see my PCP about getting tested for a learning disability, because I feel I have to study more than most to obtain average results.
  5. amaxiechRN2011

    I am such a dissapointment.........

    Thank you so much,for the kind words everyone. I failed fundamentals of nursing.I am meetimg with the program chair this week, with hopes of learning exactly what happened. I didn't fail any of the class exams, so I am not sure where I went wrong. I will keep you guys posted, I am so thankful for this site because it is the only place that I can come to vent and know I will be understood. Thank you!!!
  6. amaxiechRN2011

    I am such a dissapointment.........

    I am such a dissapointment. The semester is over and once again I failed nursing school. I truly hate myself and don't know where I go from here. I bought all the required books and NCLEX books, I hired a tutor, I study atleast 3-4 hours a day, I started taking mental clarity medication and did every question from the online aid provided by the school, yet I still fail. I don't know what to do with my life or where to go from here. I really want to be a nurse, but I just can't seem to make it. I know I am not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I was able to pass all the prereqs with an average of 3.80. I feel so disgusted with my life, how do I tell my kids to aim for greatness and being able to do whatever they put their minds to, when I've failed not once but twice. I really don't know where I should go from here, I am 35 years old, I am too old to be so stupid. I really thought my efforts would prove successful this time around. sorry for the rant...
  7. amaxiechRN2011

    You know you're a student nurse when...

    When your child has a Bowel Movement, you ask them to let you see it for any changes in color and size.
  8. amaxiechRN2011

    What would you have done differently????

    my first semester of nursing school is almost over, i take my finals next week wednesday. as i think about the anxieties, and fright i felt about starting this journey just a few months ago; i realized now that nursing school is hard, but certainly not impossible. nevertheless, there are a few things had i done differently, would've made this semester alot easier. 1. i will never again change my answers on the exam, once i am finish, i will step away from the exam immediately. 2. i will stop reading too much into the questions. 3. i will remember that procrastion is the devil's tool to blind you from your goal. 4. i wiil continue to work on my time management skills pronto!!!! 5. i will pray more, eat less, exercise more, and disect my med-surg book like a mad scientist. what would you guys have done differently?
  9. amaxiechRN2011


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Allnurses :loveya:!!! I am thankful for the creator and staff of this site, who makes it possible for people all over the world, to have the oppurtunity to learn, exchange and grow in this wonderful field of nursing, through this site. Eat ALOT, Drink a LITTLE, and LOVE like tomorrow will never come. Lexi :redbeathe
  10. amaxiechRN2011

    Please advise......

    Thanks Dolcevita, I live in NYC hopefully I will fing so info on google.
  11. amaxiechRN2011

    Please advise......

    My first semester of fundamentals is almost over, I've been told that some hospitals will allow you to work as a PCA after completion of the first semester of nursing school. Has anyone on the board gain employment after first semester of nursing school?
  12. amaxiechRN2011

    New York City hospitals.....

    My first semester of fundamentals is almost over, I've been told that some hospitals will allow you to work as a PCA after completion of the first semester of nursing school. Does anyone know of any NYC hospitals that hires students in that respect?
  13. amaxiechRN2011

    What would you do, if you were in my shoes.....

    I didn't tell them because they are not too keen on employees going back to school, especially if it's for something that would not benefit them. I've been making up my hours througout the semester, but others who have been there 15-20 years who always wanted to go back to school, but never did, are upset that I was given the chance to leave early when they never were. I am a medical biller.
  14. When I started nursing school, I never told my coworkers or boss. I ask to leave early one day a week to attend lecture,but never said what I was taking in school. Well I was called into the office by my boss, who informed me that I can no longer leave early, he feels it is hurting my workload and I need to stick to the hours I was hired for. I am not sure what to do because I know he wont fire me. He's the kind of person that would make life miserable for you until you quit, which means I wont get unemployment. The semester is almost over,but in january I would have to leave early 2 days a week which is obviously not gonna be approved, what would you guys do in my situation? I need to work because my husband is not exactly mister super helper, and I have two children. I really don't want to leave the program, you all know how hard it is to gain entrance. What are your thoughts?
  15. After failing my first nursing exam by 4 points, I spoke with a couple of Professor from the school that told me that I am over studying. I was told that during the first semester, it is not advisable for students to purchase NCLEX books and other learning aids, as it may become confusing when trying to grasp information from so many sources, which is what I've been doing. I have 2 NCLEX books, use all online aids I can get my hands on, Has anyone else been told this. What are your thoughts?