Nursing school is too easy!

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I know I shouldn't be upset about this, but I really think our school is trying hard to NOT have anyone fail out. This last term was really bad. Basically we had a review before the tests...and the review consisted of paraphrasing the actual test itself. The instructors would not go over every question, so there were still a few surprises. But all we had to do was listen well on the review and it was easy to get an A. We took some very critical classes too, like Pharm II, OB/Peds and health assessment. The results of making things so easy for us was 1. the lazy people still did bad, because they are lazy. 2. For those of us who care, we really did not have to study at all and all got A's. And we had the same "easy" instructor for pharm I, and now many of us feel we don't know jack crap about meds.

In many ways I feel I'm being cheated out of an education because they are catering to the lazy stupid people in class. But on the other hand part of me says I should just put the blinders on, get through school with an easy 4.0GPA and don't worry about it.

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I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever heard anyone say anything like this about nursing school.

I agree with 2ndyearstudent, I've never heard anyone say that nursing school was easy, ever! I realize that you're basically having a complain-session with this, but I'd recommend doing a little self-study and really get yourself ready for the NCLEX, etc.

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I dislike my school for the opposite reason. They try to fail you out so they can keep their 100% pass rate that they advertise. However, we are all so scared to make a mistake we learn nothing about being a nurse only survivng clinicals. I just study the heck out of my NCLEX books when I have a spare minute. I really like the ones that break it down into sections so that it correlates with what I'm learning that week. Best of luck to you!

Nursing school is not easy, your school is corrupt. Some schools do lose funds for low pass rates. Is there an ethics board to report these things to anonymously like there is in hospitals? In the end you all will be affected. When you get into the real world of nursing and do not know what to do. They may pass now and have big, big stumbles later whether it is failing the NCLEX or harming a patient. Sad.

Also is your school for sure accredited by the BRN? I cannot imagine a dean, director, and all instructors being in on a lets baby these students to make them pass corruption.

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It sounds as if your school may be getting some backlash for poor past performances. Do you have any idea how their last NCLEX results were? Do you know of any specific issues from last year/semester (lawsuits, disgruntled students, etc)?

It does sound like you are being short-changed.

Or, is it possible that this is the culture of this course, or the professors?

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Wow, I've NEVER heard anyone say nursing school is easy. I agree with the above poster and it sounds like you are getting short changed.

Wow, either your Einstein or your school has some poor performance and low NCLEX pass rate! I've never heard nursing school is easy.....

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I also agree with the above posts...nursing school is not easy! This is the first time I have ever heard this. If your instructors are giving you the test questions and answers then it is up to you to push yourself to learn beyond this. I would also talk to the director of the program regarding your concerns.

I also agree that you should concentrate on passing the NCLEX then. This is the test you should really worry about.

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I think that a lot of nursing school is self-directed. If I were in your position, I would be happy to have the stress of grades/exams removed if I knew I could sail through. I would use the teachers as a resource to ask questions, knowing that I'll need to understand this material to be a safe and competent nurse. Of course this would depend on your learning style. I don't necessarily need information to be taught in lecture, I can get a good bit of it through self-study, and if that's not your style then that probably wouldn't work for you. I agree that yours is the first post I've ever read with someone complaining it was too easy. However, I can see your concern for the future, good luck.

Really, I think the key question that needs to be answered before we can judge your program fairly is, what is their NCLEX pass rate? If they have a high pass rate they must be doing something right, regardless of how you feel about the level of difficulty for the course.

Tests do teach you in as much as you tend to remember the correct answer for things you got wrong, after the fact. I don't agree with teaching to a test, however if the review is going over the key ideas to focus on because those are the most important things, I don't necessarily have a problem with it.

My advice, if you think it is too easy, is to push yourself. Do more than necessary. Test yourself with other tests available out there. That should give you a pretty good idea of how good a job your school is doing.

Just out of curiosity, what type of program and what semester are you in, OP?

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Wow. Do yourself a favor and transfer to another program. Your instructors won't be there to spoon feed you answers on NCLEX.

Are you in prereqs or actual clinicals? I'm guessing prereqs because even with the freebie answers, I don't see how you could cheat your way through a day on the floor.

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