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Attention :nurse:

If anyone is familiar with working at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, please share your nursing experiences with me here. I have applied to attend their RN Refresher Program which lasts for sixteen weeks. If I like the hospital, I will stay aboard there.

Also, if anyone is familiar with Wright State University's RN to BSN program, and their MSN program, please share regarding your experiences as well as the Univeristy of Cincinnati's RN to BSN program.

Much appreciation for any comments left on this thread.

Renee :nurse:


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Are you moving back home to Ohio Renee? That'd be so cool! We'd have to get together and do lunch!

you should move back soon! i'll be doing wright states RN-BSN track next fall but i'm doing it from one of the off campus sites through teleconferencing.

as far as miami valley goes, the only thing i know about it is from a patient family standpoint. guy on motorcycle meets telephone pole. typical trauma. airlifted to miami valley.

the nurses in that place were awesome!

live4today, RN

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Thanks nurses for your input here, and YES...I am moving alone to Dayton where I was born, raised all my life, educated through college, and worked my first year and a half as a new nurse! :)

I am sooooooooo excited about this opportunity to get back into the profession, and FINALLY...after 15 plus years be able to return to college in pursuit of higher learning so I can finally get back on track now that my children are doing so well on their own in their own adult lives! Praise God for that, too! :)

Miami Valley has been responding very nicely to my emails in regards to employment, and I've already been offered two interviews for med/surg or a dialysis nurse position! Wow!!! They're quick, aren't they? I'm so excited I can't sit still, and I'm right now battling a bad head cold, but even the cold can't take away the joy in my heart right now! God is soooooooooo good!!! Yes indeedy! :kiss

If anyone has any experience working dialysis, please share with me. I have none other than caring for the patients that are treated by them. Thanks nurses! :nurse:


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Wow, Renee, sounds like things are falling into place for you.

Good luck!

live4today, RN

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Hi Susy K :)

YES!!! FINALLY...things are looking up for me! I'm so very thankful for I have MUCH to thank God for this Thanksgiving, and I'm turning 51 the day after Thanksgiving which is the same day I fly back to Texas to pack my nursing gear and winter attire for my move to Dayton. I will be in Dayton mid-December, and ready to start work as soon as the hospital gives me a start date! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! :D :nurse:

you picked a good time to come back, renee. calling for snow tomorrow night :rolleyes:


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Hey Renee, I'm a PCT at MVH! Glad to hear you decided to work there....I think you'll like it...the hospital just seems to have a good overall attitude towards nurses. Where are you working? 4E/SE is a great unit....I love the people there. 5NW/W is good too, as is ICU. I work resource (ie floater by choice) so I know a little bit about most floors. Email me if you want more info. And don't park at the fairgrounds if you're leaving work after dark!!!!

live4today, RN

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Thanks for the snow forecast, Rena! I happen to luuuuuvvvv snow!!! Pray for it every year on my birthday, and my birthday is Friday of this week! :D

YogastudentRN...thanks for the advice. I'll email you later on! :)

So far, Dialysis is calling my name. Don't need the refresher course for that according to the manager as I'll get hands on training from the Dialysis staff, so that sounds great! It's located in Dayton - East. Know anything about that?????

Much love,

Renee :kiss :nurse:


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Hey Renee!'re coming to Ohio? know we have to meet and have lunch!....l've never worked at MVH...was offered a position in their ER at the same time l was offered the job l have did you think about coming back to KMC?....please let me know when you are coming!........LR


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Hey now, I thought you were going to end up in Indy :nono: :D Good luck as you head back to school!

live4today, RN

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Hey l.rae....will do! :)

If I don't get the Valley, I'll return to KMC because I really loved working there before years ago.

I'm already checkiing out apartments online for Centerville. If you can help me with that part, let me know, l.rae. :kiss

Hey Leslie...if things don't work for me employment wise, then Indy is my second state choice of settling down, but wanted to give Ohio the first shot since I already have an active RN license there and all. Afterall, Ohio is where I became a nurse, so why not allow them the opportunity to enjoy my company........Ummmm...if they want to that is. :D

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