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I feel like this is my one big fuzzy area in nursing. I memorize what I do when I get a patient on coumadin, and then I forget it until I have another pt. on it. Can you explain to me exactly what... Read More

  1. by   driveinstyle2005
    Can you please explain the normal values for ptt 20-45sec and pt 9.5-12sec
  2. by   Patti 2nd gen RN
    Our TCU does INR's 2X/week unless the patient isn't stable....please note different goals for different diagnoses...and we don't use algorthyms for INR's because of differing absorption levels---I have had patients who needed Vit K, but it took 3 days and 3 doses for their INR to come down, and others who respond in less than 24 hours...each patient and their meds and absorption rates need to be looked at individually...also, my facility gives coumadin at 9p...more important is patient education about what to watch for at home, and how thier diet affects their levels....
  3. by   08cbrule
    the whole PT, PTT , INR still a mystery?
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Great article: Coumadin Clinically Significant Drug Interactions

    Outlines maor drug interactions and affect on INR reults that nurses need to be aware of and monitoring for drug interaction effect.
  5. by   Crivett
    Me too!
  6. by   Apple-Core
    OK, I know this thread is about a million years old, but I am stuck on this very thing. Mainly - why do we use PTT to monitor heparin, and INR to monitor warfarin? Why not use one test for both?

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