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Just out of curiosity, how many of you have been to a nursing open house? Was it helpful, i.e. did you learn a lot about the hospital, I mean the real important things like if they force you to work mandatory overtime and things like that? What is the dress code? Are you expected to bring a resume?

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To several. Always nice people. You get interviewed on the spot.



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If you haven't been to one, then go. You will be able to answer all your own questions. It's not as though there were a high admissions charge.

sharann, BSN, RN

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An open house is a way to recruit a bunch of employees at one time. If you have a resume, bring it. They will make you feel very wanted and appreciated. You might be hired "on the spot". They are usually seriously in need to have a fair. There is NO admission price and they may bribe you with food, pens and door prizes.What have you got to lose?


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I have been to several. They can be very informative. Remember they tell you as much as they want you to know. I don't think I ever accepted a job that I was offered at one. Does not hurt to go.

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It never hurts to scout around. And you usually come away with free goodies. ;)


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go. enjoy, you are not obligated. have a good one.


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thanks to all who replied, I think I will go and check it out.


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I went to one of those about a month ago for a phlebotomist postion....and the ad clearly stated in the paper you only needed 2 years experience....i was like qualified. I get down there....wait for about 1 1/2 hours in line....walk up to the recruiter when i was called....he loooked at my resume and said..." need 5 years experience for the program that they were hiring for" then he proceeded to tell me to come back in a month and talk to him. Needless to say I was furious.....wasted all that time for 20 seconds of rejection. They were hiring for thier Winter Program...and they were paying EXTREMELY well. So my guess is that they wanted to me come back AFTER the program started so they didnt have to pay me the salary they were advertising.

Sorry for hijacking your thread...had to get it off my chest i suppose.

So what was your question again????:p


Went to an open house about 3 weeks ago and was not treated very well at all. I asked a few questions and was not given sufficient information. I was also sort of put down for my age, not in so many words, more like "YOU, work full time!". Well, like others have said, some open houses are worth the time and trouble, others are not. Hope you went and had a good experience.


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good way to find out a place is NOT a good fit w/o the interview. so i still say go, despite these stories. it costs you nothing but time. time, you may consider well-spent if it turns out you WANT to work. nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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