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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   LaLaws
    Thank you, OU09Grad. I'm bummed out that the ebook package isn't available to my cohort. Laura, did they offer it as an option at open house in SD? Or did you only know about it and seek it out because of previous posts on here? Someone in Glendale asked about the ebook package at open house and they said that we have to purchase the books individually on However, they also spoke about how we need to take advantage of all of the non-required, extra features of the online textbooks... but online textbooks aren't available to us!
  2. by   laura06baby
    No, this time they said they are not selling the books themselves ..and when someone asked about the ebooks we were told we have the option of buying the package from the store I've told you about. So it is available for whoever is interested!!!!
  3. by   ou09grad
    The books (if you buy them new or with the package) do have extra features on CD-ROM that will assist your learning. For instance, in 2nd semester you will take Family Focus (all about maternal-newborn, reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth) and the texts CD-ROM does have extra quizzes that are very helpful, but the actual text on a disc that you can read on your laptop can only be purchased with the e-book package through Evolve/Elsevier. If it's available I would recommend buying it. But since they did experience a major problem with the current 1st semester co-hort, I would make sure this has been resolved
  4. by   laura06baby
    Sorry I did not get what the problem was? can you please tell us?
  5. by   ou09grad
    I don't know the whole story. Something like.....The 16 students in the 1st semester co-hort didn't all buy the e-book package, but the students who bought did got books that were updated editions with altered content. Apparently enough to make a big difference. They decided that they would not offer it to the new co-hort coming in because it caused so many problems. That's all I really know, and I'm not positive how absolutely accurate that it, but we heard it from someone who would know...if that makes sense.
  6. by   laura06baby
    I got my ebook package today...oh my soooo many books lol

    did anyone else order it?

    I am missing books (excluding the ones I knew we wont get)...anyone knows how many semesters this package covers? I thought 2
    thank you
  7. by   KT17
    Hey Laura,

    I received my books today too, including vouchers for two books that are supposed to be exchanged at the bookstore! Have you talked to them about this? Are they going to send them later? Also, do you know what drug book we're supposed to buy?

    I was under the impression that the book package covers the first two semesters.
  8. by   laura06baby

    I did get the vouchers ...I did not have a chance to call. However when I went through the list I am missing at least 4 more...I dont have the Nurs 3815 books and few
    we need to buy Davis's drug guide
  9. by   laura06baby

    Ok I dont know whats going on...did you get Mosby's dictionary in your package? I dont find it on the list and I got it with my package. Please let me know...
  10. by   boogeysmomRN
    the dictionary is useful. Especially in the beginning, for Health Assessment, at least it was for me. not a required textbook, but comes in handy. Some of those books you will use the entire program. Like Lewis and Hockenberry.
  11. by   laura06baby
    do you remember not getting the psychiatric books as part of the package...for some reason I did not get them and they were on the list. I am waiting for a call back from OU.
    I wanted a dictionary anyway but I bought one and they sent me one as well. I will just return one of them. Thank you
  12. by   KT17
    I didn't get the psych books either...they're supposed to talk to someone about it and then call me back. I got the dictionary too but I forgot to ask them about that. As for the vouchers they said that those books were not printed yet and to check back with them weekly to see if they're in. I hope they get them by the time we need them!
  13. by   laura06baby
    I think the dictionary supposed to be there. I am aslo waiting for a call back