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  1. KT17

    Adult ICU nurse really wanting NICU

    I don't know about other hospitals, but my unit doesn't really hire ADNs any more. You may want to invest the time and money into doing a bridge program for your BSN. Is tuition assistance offered at your hospital? I would also see if you can arrange to speak with or meet the nurse manager for the NICU in your current hospital to let them know you're interested in working with them so they will keep you in mind. Also, in my unit we put anyone not experienced in the NICU through our new grad training program and the person that hires for that is different than the unit manager...maybe try to find out who is in charge of training new grads? Just a few thoughts...good luck to you!
  2. KT17

    Resuscitation equipment

    Our delivery team uses a hanging travel toiletry bag like you suggested...but I'm guessing they're kind of old and I have no idea what brand they are. They fold up pretty small (in thirds I think) and they just loop a stethoscope around the hanger and everything else fits inside.
  3. KT17

    chinstraps on ncpap

    We string a few poseys together (the pulse ox covers) and wrap them around the head, but only if the kiddo seems to need it.
  4. KT17

    New NICU nurse in training. Excited, yet overwhelmed!

    I'm not an experienced nurse by any means...but I just finished a new grad orientation in the NICU in November and I can tell you that's exactly how I felt, and still feel sometimes. I'll let others give advice but I just wanted you to know you're not alone :).
  5. KT17

    Thoughts on improving caring

    I'm not sure this will be helpful, but my first thought was that you could turn it around and talk about how important it is to take care of ourselves so that we can then care for others. You could discuss techniques for stress reduction, work-life balance, etc. I'm not sure how much new information is out there, but at least the staff can't argue against taking care of themselves :).
  6. KT17

    Did any of you NOT take a NCLEX prep course??

    I did not take a review course (I hate the idea of paying extra money to pass a test on something I went to school for!). I took the ATI comprehensive predictor four days before I took the NCLEX and got a 99% chance of passing. I passed in 75 questions and I didn't really study much. Hope that helps!
  7. KT17

    Sharp Summer 2011 New Grad Program

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to drop a note for some of those that are getting discouraged. At Sharp the process is very much driven by the hiring managers of the individual units. Each unit will have their own timeline and just because you haven't received a call yet does not mean you're out of the running. During the last round of new grad applications we received emails that said we would get a call by a certain date if we were still being considered. Well, a friend of mine received a call for an interview several weeks after that deadline. I wouldn't start jumping to conclusions just yet. Good luck to everyone! KT
  8. I was hoping some of you L&D nurses and CNMs might be able to help me out. My cousin (who is not a medical professional) recently found out that she is pregnant and would very much like to have a natural delivery. She will be moving to a small town next month and may not have access to a midwife and her choices for an OB may be somewhat limited. She has asked me how she can avoid being pressured into unnecessary interventions, and I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a book or website that focuses on how to achieve a natural childbirth in the hospital environment. I feel like her best bet is to educate herself, but I don't want her to go google crazy and find herself taking advice from a less than reputable website. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. I just finished OU's San Diego program and I haven't heard anything about a cohort in LV. I just googled it and it looks like they have a campus in LV on an air force base and they only offer certain master's degrees (none of them in nursing). It sucks that all the programs have different prerequisites and I totally understand your frustration, but I'm not sure I'd be in such a hurry to get done with school...the job market is awful right now! I would just keep plugging away at your prereqs and hopefully you'll get in soon. Good luck!
  10. KT17

    Sharp New Grad Residency Winter 2010/2011

    Hi everyone :) I applied to Grossmont NICU and PCU...has anyone heard anything from these units? I'm getting more concerned every day that I don't hear anything!
  11. KT17

    Kindle edition of NCLEX Q&A book?

    Thanks guys! I found one or two that I was interested in, but I was kind of worried about the formatting. I've heard that sometimes textbooks aren't good to read on a kindle because the formatting isn't right, so I was wondering if anyone had bought one and whether or not they liked it.
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has used the kindle version of an NCLEX Q&A book. I just bought a Kindle and will be taking the NCLEX in January. I plan on buying a hard copy of a review book, but I thought it would be nice to have something more portable to do practice questions with. Any thoughts? Thanks! KT
  13. KT17

    so I blush really bad...

    I'm sorry, I also don't really have any advice but I can sympathize. I'm fair skinned and blush bright red at the drop of a hat, usually when there is any kind of attention focused on me and sometimes even when I'm not feeling embarrassed. It definitely doesn't help when someone asks "why are you so red?" (OT - has anyone ever said something along the lines of "thank you for drawing attention to it...now it will get worse"?) As far as looking less professional or confident, I think the best thing to do is focus on making your speech and conduct professional and confident. I think you'll become more comfortable with time and will find yourself blushing a lot less...I know it's very embarrassing in the meantime though!
  14. KT17

    Accerlated BSN and sleep?

    I'm in an accelerated program right now and generally the only time I don't get 8 hours of sleep is the night before an exam (because I study best under pressure so it's my own fault) and the night before a clinical (only because we have to get up so early and I have trouble falling asleep before 10). I also work 1-2 days a week and am pulling As so far (but I don't have a spouse or children and the obligations that come with that). If I need to I take naps and caffeine is a necessity :). None of my friends from school seem to be depriving themselves of sleep regularly either, so I definitely think it's possible to do an accelerated program and not kill yourself!
  15. KT17

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    I think this type of curriculum should be covered at the university level regardless of what your major is. You can find this attitude among new graduates in any field...it is not specific to nursing.
  16. KT17

    Should I do my internship in the NICU?

    I'm glad you asked this question because I was wondering the same thing! I've been debating whether or not to ask for an SICU or a NICU placement (although nothing's guaranteed). My concern isn't really about passing the NCLEX though, it's more about whether or not it will hold me back when applying for jobs. I would love to get a new grad job in the NICU but I also need to be realistic about the current job market...does anyone think a preceptorship in the NICU would limit me when applying for jobs? I don't mean to hijack your thread, just looking for more input :).

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