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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   laura06baby
    I just paid ...
  2. by   Roushel
    Laura did it say on the letter when the last day to pay the deposit is? thanks!
  3. by   laura06baby
    It says you should pay within 2 weeks of the date of the letter (July 8th)...I am sure you are so anxious
    are you going home tomorrow?
  4. by   Roushel
    Yes, I will be driving home tomorrow from Santa Barbara and I will go straight to my mail box.
  5. by   laura06baby
    haha...I am sure you got in also got the email
    so I see you at the open house

    I sent you a PM...
  6. by   zzyzx
    I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the orientation. What medical backgrounds do you guys have?
  7. by   Roushel
    Hey Laura, I got your PM but I cant seem to reply back. Im not sure why. Yes, I took the TOEFL, I am originally from the Philippines.
    Looking forward to see you at the orientation.

    zzyzx - I used to be a nurse recruiter for nurse staffing companies.
  8. by   laura06baby
    OHHH need 15 posts to be able to PM...

    zzyzx no medical background...I went to law school for one year haha!!! what about you?
    what a interesting job you had, Roushel!!
  9. by   Merced0301
    Quote from wendy99
    Hi, Merced
    How do you find out you r an alternate in SD? Do they send you different letter or in one letter?
    Do you know any place to rent for few days a week if I have to go Glendale? Thanks.
    Sorry for the late reply Wendy, yea I got 2 different letters one for Glendale, one for SD. I'm pretty sure there are places to rent for a few days in Glendale but it might be easier to find a hotel to stay in for a couple of days for orientation and open house. Did you already put down your deposit? I wonder if we pay the deposit if they take us off the alternate list for SD.
  10. by   Pe1980
    I got my result yesterday, chosen as an alternate in SD. I have got the email for open house on 21 too. any body knows if alternates should attend the open house on 21?
  11. by   SDN9999
    I am an alternate in SD and got open house email. I believe that if you got the email then you are invited to go. Hopefully are chances are good. I am attending and hoping to hear good news.
  12. by   laura06baby
    which email did you get ? is it the same one I posted the other day?
    maybe it is a good sign...perhaps you are higher on the waiting list
    why dont you call?
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  13. by   magxter
    Congrats to everyone who got accepted!

    I haven't checked my mailbox. I did not get any emails.
    My counselor in Glendale is not in today, however when I spoke with someone today, she said they don't send out rejection letters (?)
    I guess I need to finish my prerequisite and reapply for Fall
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