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I have only seen a couple of these threads but with very few responses. I already have 3 nursing classes towards my BSN out of the way and am looking to complete the rest totaly online. The trouble... Read More

  1. by   Aneroo
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    Wow! Good post!

    Any recommendations on when to start back to school after getting ADN? Wait a while or go back within a year or two of experience? Any particular type of RN work that's good while going ADN-RN?
    I've been on the floor for a year and getting antsy to go back now because I'm not tied down with kids and stuff yet... but then waiting so long to get my RN made a huge difference on going through the ADN program.
    There is a wide range of people in my class. I started in January, and there were people who were 6 months fresh out of orientation and nurses with almost 20 years experience.
    Regardless- DO IT BEFORE KIDS. It is possible to do school with kids, but dang if it isn't harder. Especially young kids who don't understand that Mommy needs to study, please be quiet, we can only read one book tonight because Mommy has to write a paper...
  2. by   NurseShelly
    I'm doing my online rn to bsn program through Chamberlain College of Nursing. Another nurse recommended it to me, and it took me quite a while to do any research. I did find a few negative things about it on this site as well as some positve. I decided to give it a try, and I'm very happy with the program thus far. I like the format of the classes, and up to this point my instructors have always made themselves available if needed. I've encouraged a couple of nurse friends of mine to sign up too, no luck yet. I have three classes completed and I'm halfway through the fourth. I'm hoping to be done by Jan. 2010, and I think I'll start chipping away at an MSN program after that; I believe Chamberlain has started an MSN program. Prior to signing up anywhere however, I would encourage you to make sure that the potential school program is accredited and what not, apply for financial early if you're leaning that way, and take advantage of any money that your job has to offer. Good luck!
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from pdaddy
    I have only seen a couple of these threads but with very few responses.
    This one is in the "threads of interest" sticky at the top of the forum -- tons of responses here!


    Long, but worth the read.
  4. by   Mamakellyd
    My advice as an RN who is a diploma grad is to go ahead and go back right now. I went back twice- and the last time was 11 years ago. So now I'm almost 40 years old, have almost 20 years experience as an RN and still don't have my degree only because I kept putting it off. As far as what type work will be easier while in school- not sure there really is one. The good thing about being a nurse is that there are tons of ways you can work, and also tons of shift options out there. I'd think, though, along the lines of ambulatory specialties, like outpatient surgi-centers, home health, dialysis clinics, etc that tend to have daytime hours only and usually leave you with at least Sunday off if not the entire weekend.
  5. by   nikkif75
    I will finish in May from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It's 385 per credit hours. You have to have 30 credit hours through them otherwise can take classes from other colleges, and transfer them in. I've enjoyed it. It's a pretty flexible program.
  6. by   ougreene
    Grand Canyon is good. Lots of writting and assigments due every week end! But I work full time and still can find some time to make the grade! All on line!
    I started 5/4/2009 and should be complete 11/2010

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