nc #7

  1. How did everyone do with NC's my last test (woo hoo!) but I kinda hate all the information you have to study...blech...I have made all A's through out the program, but I am getting really bored with this info!
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  3. by   neenie109
    Well, yes, boring is the word for this one! I just passed it about two months ago. My ususal method of actually doing all the required reading was just not effective for this one. I chose to make an outline instead of all the stuff on the study guide, then go back and look up one segment at a time and get a good feel for each one. I still have my outline. If you want to give me your email, I will try to send it to you. Might save you some time!
  4. by   Raggedy Ann
    I agree with neenie. B-O-R-I-N-G!!! I had heard it was dry as a bone. Strict memorization. I took it last August. It was my first exam to just get it out of the way. EC's practice exams are great to measure your strength and weakness. Good Luck! Traci
  5. by   tater.jake
    Prioritize the material according to the percentage of the content. I think that on this one it is easy to get carried away with names and dates when that portion is only 10% of the exam. I'm not saying you should ignore the names and dates portion, but just to study effectively, make sure you know the largest portion inside and out.

    Though the material is boring, this turned out to be the easiest exam in my opinion.
  6. by   shehnaz111
    Hi....Please if you can contact me, using the icons above (below my screen name).
    I am studying for NC 7 and it seems overwhelling.
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  7. by   jlrevis
    I would love a copy of your outline if you don't care. Thanks jamie
  8. by   neenie109
    Just send me your email address and I will forward my outline.
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