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neenie109 has 17 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Home Care.

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  1. I work in home care and one of my patients has asked if they are hospitalized can they refuse to be cared for by an unvaccinated nurse, and ask for a vaccinated nurse? In home care we tell them we cannot force our caregivers to be vaccinated, and the care is voluntary so it's up the patient if they choose to have the caregiver come into their home to help them (it's a non-medical home care service provider). However, if they are hospitalized, it's not a choice, it's a necessity and they're afraid of unvaccinated nurses or caregivers putting them at risk.. The patient is vaccinated, but still worried about the Delta variant being as contagious as it is. I'm not sure how I could find out the answer to this question for them.
  2. neenie109

    Certification and eduction requirements

    I am in New Jersey, which seems to only allow BSN nurses to get school nurse certification. Thank you for your replies!
  3. Hi, Long time visitor to allnurses, but haven't posted in a long time. I have just recently returned to the nursing profession after four years as a stay at home mom and I'm currently working in assisted living and adult medical daycare. Both positions are per diem, both positions I have almost a year of employment at. I am interested in school nursing but not sure about if I can even think about this specialty with only an associate's degree. A friend suggested trying substitute school nursing to test the waters. Financially it's impossible for me to go back to school right now for my BSN. I just need some realistic advice. Thank you!
  4. neenie109

    Lessons from a blind man

    Thank you for taking the time to tell that story. I am not sure why I was so deeply touched by these words you wrote, but I truly was. It's amazing the kinds of moments we get to experience as nurses, seeing facets of your patient that nobody else gets the privelage of seeing. I think it's your obvious respect for these moments that really got to me. I can't thank you enough for melting a heart that was entirely too cold today.
  5. neenie109

    Excelsior RN to BSN or MSN

    I am getting a little ahead of myself, but I want to do my BSN or MSN (not yet sure which one) after I take my boards in September. I have done my AS with Excelsior and was generally satisfied with their program. It seems so easy to just stick with them for the rest of my education, but I don't want to do that without considering other programs. Has anyone done (or is currently doing) the Excelsior BSN? Anyone choose not to continue with Excelsior for any specific reason? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Seems like no matter which way I decide to go, it will be lots of $$$$$$! Thanks!
  6. neenie109

    Calling for CPNE date

    Hi, I applied to one specific site and it was taking forever to get a date. At the workshop I just took, they recommended opening my options up to ANY site in the NPAC region, which I did. Lo and behold, they called me the very next day with a choice of four test dates!!! So originally I was going to wait until September, and now I have a date for July 15-17 in Albany. Maybe you will have the same good luck as me!
  7. neenie109

    nc #7

    Just send me your email address and I will forward my outline.
  8. neenie109

    nc #7

    Well, yes, boring is the word for this one! I just passed it about two months ago. My ususal method of actually doing all the required reading was just not effective for this one. I chose to make an outline instead of all the stuff on the study guide, then go back and look up one segment at a time and get a good feel for each one. I still have my outline. If you want to give me your email, I will try to send it to you. Might save you some time!
  9. neenie109

    How do I get "Rob's Video"?

    Thank you for your replies! I ordered the video today and will continue reading the carjack, over and over and over :)
  10. neenie109

    How do I get "Rob's Video"?

    Hi, I have been reading some posts on this site and a few people have mentioned Ivan's notes (which I found here) and Rob's video. Just curious how I would go about getting a copy of the video. I am planning to have my CPNE application completed by the end of this week, so............. now I'm trying to find a starting point. Got the carjack printed, and I read a little of that each day. Probably going to do the online care planning workshop. Considering the workshop too. I guess I am just kind of feeling like "duh, what?" right now and hoping to get myself organized, pronto!! Thank you for your help! Janine