Information Literacy for Excelsior College

  1. Is there a CLEP exam for information literacy that you have to take for Excelsior. I hate to spend $285 plus books for this class if there's a way to get credit for it anyway. Any help would be great, thanks!
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    i don't think there is a CLEP exam, but i know different schools and universities offer it.
    i read on one of the EC boards someone who took it for 85 dollars i believe. can you access the EC website and find a comparison class for info lit?
    are you enrolled and able to do that?
    if not, i will check into it a little later. let me know.

    i will look for whoever it was that took that cheaper class. i went through EC for that class.
  4. by   Mudwoman
    I took this thru Excelsior, but I think you can take it at a college if you like. I couldn't find a course around where I live that was any cheaper, and the one I did find was on a day I worked. I did not buy any book for this. Everything I needed to read was on line. The great thing was that there was no homework. I could do as much or as little at home on my computer as I could fit into my schedule. I spent about 20 hours total on the course counting the reading and the exercises.

    You have to keep everything in perspective. Excelsior is not a cheap degree. It is an extremely flexible degree. You can go to your local community college and get a AAS cheaper, and if you can go full time, faster. Most of us do Excelsior because we have to work full time, we have kids, and hubbies and houses and want to have a life. To maintain that freedom costs extra.
  5. by   tgb3rn
    I paid for the info lit then tested out the next day. If you know computers, the internet, and have common sense it is very simple. No books needed, I have no idea if any others would transfer. As for the price, 285.00 --wow has gone up since last year, I paid 175.00.
    Good luck
  6. by   xenogenetic
    Be careful taking it elsewhere because even if you take it at a local college for $85 bucks I think Excelsior can still charge you $60-75 since they technically have to review the credit again. Not certain on this but those that choose not to go with Excelsior's info literacy course should look into this because it might tack on an extra 75 bucks to your total cost. Excelsior's going to get their money out of you one way or might as well just empty you pockets and give it to them at the door. :-)

    Don't be mistaken, I'm glad to give EC my money! They've given me the chance that I don't think I would have had if I were forced to go to a conventional school full time.
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  7. by   aegirl
    I'm just going to take it through excelsior. Already registered for the November 6th class. Are the books really needed for this class?
  8. by   jamangel
    i am a bit hot having to take IL because it really is like the basic computer class I've taken already. But I chalked it up to EC getting another dollar. After I spoke with them and found out I HAD to have it I just said "Oh well....
  9. by   anticoagulationurse
    Info Lit... What a joke!
    I took after all my NC exams while waiting for a CPNE date. Funny one is required to take this "class" for an online school. I would think certain things are assumed about info lit and computers and internet surfing if a student has the ability to study for and pass an Excelsior degree program.

    It was a complete waste of $250 and 2 hours! Seriously, no book needed, I wanted to skip all the tutorials but it makes you at least "click" on all the modules before you can move onto the next. In theory you should do all the assignments along with it (online), but I did absolutely nothing but click here and there until it let me take the final exam online. Very rudamentary.

    As far as substituing a class for it, I don't know but I doubt it. I think it's just a nice little money drainer for Excelsior.