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it states intheir material that clinicals are done locally with a preceptor..does this mean you have to do a practical clinical test in order to complete the program ( like regents?) or you just do... Read More

  1. by   swtxtc03

    "Being an adult all around, I am able to stay focused with my schooling and passing the first time is not a problem, because I am an adult. I don't need someone to tell me, well if you don't pass 3 times we will get you a tutor and pay $4000 because I am an adult and won't fail. I don't need someone to hold my hand, because I have confidence. America has more people in dept than any other country in the world, and this is one reason why, save your money and use it on something useful."

    I'm an adult as well but going with TCN makes me less of an adult? Kindly clarify that, thanks.
  2. by   laizure
    This is merely a figure of speech, an opinion of how I (me only) feel. If this came out as an insult to you, I am sorry. It was/is/ not my intention to insult you or anyone else.

    This is problem with emails/forums, they often don't express the true meaning of ones feelings and are open to a wide variety of interpretations.
  3. by   Coloradogrl
    I was curious how long if you go full-time does it take to get your BSN through ISU? I got some info in the mail but I am having problems getting anyone to answer my questions because I still have a few months in my LPN program.
  4. by   jonesLL
    I am going through College Network-Indiana State-Sonoma route. I have found it a great program for me. If it you are dedicated and focused on your goal it is a good program. Sonoma State finds you a preceptor and hospital in which to do your clinicals.
  5. by   trolldoll
    Sonoma State will find you a preceptor and hospital to do your clinicals, I
    thought you have to find your own preceptor and hospital to do your own clinicals.
    I'm thinking of going that route, but my finances are extremely tight right now. Looking into a federal loan.
  6. by   jonesLL
    What is that "I am adult stuff!" You can fail at any age! We all have to go the route that is best for us personally. To place a person in the position of having to defend their decision, especially informed, which at this stage of the game they are, is wrong. How arogant can you be. Where is the support? Sounds like their plan is chasing down information that time could be beter used in study.

    The answer to the Sonoma State, they find you a preceptor and since the program is new a Full Federal Financial Aid can be obtained. But, you do have to apply for that aid. Good luck in what ever program you decide on. You certainly sound like you have what it takes to get there.
  7. by   trolldoll
    Thanks For The Info. Have Started Checking The Federal Loans And Trying To Apply For It.
    By The Way, Does Anybody Know When We Applied For An Exam How Do We Go About It? Do We Need To Register To Excelsior Pay An Application Fee And Admission Fee And Later Take The Test? Also What Of The Clep And Dantes How Does One Go About Setting The Exams? .
    Thank You.
  8. by   jetski
    Hi, can you please tell me more about your clinicals trought ISU? How many days a week?
    Do you had all your pre req done before the first nursing class?
    I really appreciate if you let me know,
  9. by   lena69
    Quote from wt2001
    Hi, I have just started this program and I will be doing my clinicals at my local hospital. It does take a little time for approval but this process was already started by 3 fellow co-workers that began in January. I'm just happy that I don't have to drive or fly somewhere to have only 2 days of clinical time and be under so much stress that I will probably fail.

    can you tell me how much will it cost you?
  10. by   labelle
    Hey im thinking of joining the program in fact im meeting with someone tomorrow to tell me more about it, so is there anything else i need to know, or i should ask them i dont want to miss any information and regret afterwards.
  11. by   jetski
    Hey guys,
    I live in Illinois( Chicago area) and I am admitted into LPN/BSN for Fall 08. My first class with clinicals is going to be this Fall( Nurs 304). The only problem is that there is no Clinical site in my area. The only one is in Northwestern Hospital ( Arlington Heights) but the contract has being only initiated( since January). Yesterday I talked to Mark( the guy responsible for set up clinicals for students) and he told me to call a few places to ask if they will accept students and then he would initiated the process. Well, I called 8 places amd none of them wants students unless from a local CollegesSo, my next option is Val Paraiso, IN ( 2 hours ).
    I am kind of desapointed because the clinicals are not found by the ISU, but fby students. We give them a contact number and then they initiated.
    If I do not find a place closer, I will drive the extra miles for clinicals. That's crazy!
  12. by   athomemom56
    how are you able to do your clinicals so soon?
  13. by   jetski
    I completed all the pre requisits, applied for the program and got conditionally accepted for Fall . In my accptance letter they gave me a choice to register for N 208 (LPN/BSN transition and N 304( first class with 45 hours clinicals ) in the Fall. That surprised me too, because I tought that I had to complete N208 first, but they told me that I could do both. I also need to test out for 3 Nursing subjects, which I tought that I need to do before any class with clinicals.